Chapter 2.9 – Change

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter, Eva and Thomas had some trouble getting pregnant, but after a discussion with their doctor and a silent one between them they decided on fertility treatment and Eva soon found herself pregnant. And at the end of the chapter, the SUA declared war on Sim Nation. And now on with the story.

Agent Roberts was able to get in touch with enough of Eva’s relatives to make sure they were safe. They were and he even checked on Thomas’ relatives and found they were just fine as well. It definitely relaxed Eva some, but they were still on edge. The war was not going quickly and it seemed that the SUA was winning.

A draft had been put into place since they needed more soldiers than they had volunteers. Eva and Thomas were told that they were exempt due to the reason behind their being put into witness protection, though they both still had to go through the motions to not arouse suspicion.

It did seem that they were pulling from law enforcement more than anything at the moment and Eva couldn’t help but be thankful that her cousin was probably too old for being in the military. Continue reading