Chapter 2.7 – Anniversary

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter, Eva and Thomas settled into their lives as Allison O’Neill and Malcolm Riker. They quickly made friends with a few others in their apartment complex. At the very end of the chapter, Eva proposed to Thomas and Thomas agreed. The pair did however agree to fake dating as to not cause any problems with their friends. And now on with the story.

It was a month or so after the pair started officially dating, that the honeymoon phase of their relationship, at least this stage of it, was over. “We haven’t gone out in a week, Eva!” Thomas yelled. Continue reading


Chapter 2.0 – Revelations

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths. In the last chapter, Brett learned of his wife’s death and Wolfgang tried to get on with his life. At the end of the chapter, Wolfgang got a call from Zachariah. And now, on with the story.

“Dad, there’s been something I’ve been meaning to ask,” a seventeen year old Sean Rand asked.

“Oh?” Wolfgang said.

“Why don’t Miranda and Eva live with their father, your uncle?” Sean said.

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Chapter 1.10 – Mourning

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter, Wolfgang Rand began to process his grief for his aunt. And now on with the story.

Brett was restless during the hours Kreia was gone. He couldn’t sit still for long. Not with her gone. Miranda had picked up on Brett’s uneasiness and was irritable. She had been alternating between crying and sleeping and trying to make him happy.

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Chapter 1.7 – Complications

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter, Kreia found herself pregnant for a second time and the pregnancy turned out to be a very hard one. It put Kreia on bed rest with doctor’s orders of absolutely no stress. Miranda aged to a toddler and right at the end of the chapter, something went wrong. And now, on with the story.

Brett cried. He was supposed to have five kids, a large farm, and a loving wife who would help him out in the fields and with raising his large family. His father had cautioned him against staying true to that dream as it was a hard one, but an easy dream wasn’t worth striving for.

“Sorry I couldn’t get here sooner, Uncle Brett,” Wolfgang said, pulling his uncle into a hug.

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Chapter 1.6 – Accidents Happen

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter Zachariah began to at least trust Wolfgang Rand, Brett and Kreia came to a compromise about when to start trying for a second child, and Kreia and Wolfgang got hit with a double whammy of bad news from home: Kreia’s half-brother Sion (Wolfgang’s uncle) got caught up in an apocalypse and Kreia’s mother (Wolfgang’s grandmother) passed away from old age. And now on with the story.

I better not be coming down with a stomach bug, Kreia thought after yet again having to interrupt her morning meeting to go puke. If she didn’t know any better, Kreia would have guessed she was pregnant. But she was on the pill currently. And Brett used a condom anyway most nights.

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Chapter 1.5 – Stress

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter, Revan’s cronies complicated matters between Revan and Wolfgang and it ended up with Wolfgang’s family being put into protective custody by the criminals of Storybrook County. And now on with the story.

Zachariah was impressed with Agent Rand. He initially thought the kid was put on the case because he was cocky in his skills and needed a dose of reality. Or simply because his grandfather was Sinbad Rand, Master Thief of Moonlight Falls and the leader of the mafia there. But the kid was good. In both senses of the word. His good nature rubbed Zachariah the wrong way a lot of the time. All of the time, actually. But the kid had rescued Annalise without getting her killed or injured too badly beyond what Darius’s men had already done before he arrived. Then he pulled in favors and got juicy information on what Darius was up to. He also just gritted his teeth and didn’t comment when criminal activities were being discussed. And at times, Zachariah glimpsed the same coldness that Revan had. It’s what Zachariah guessed made Revan so dangerous.

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Chapter 1.3 – Family

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter, the romance between Kreia and Brett evolved and at the end of the chapter they were married and celebrating the way new couples celebrate. And now on with the story!

A month or so had passed since Kreia Rand had become Kreia Wallis. She had been feelingĀ nauseousĀ and had just chalked it up to some bad food. She was about to go to the doctor to see if she had a nasty bug when she realized she was late. She smiled. She was pregnant.

While being pregnant did worry her, she would have to be super careful at work for a day or two while she got things set up for her underling from Moonlight Falls to watch over things. And for the fairy from Moonlight Falls to head undercover.

Who would have thought, a daughter of her brother’s best friend, would end up being such a wonderful asset. Kreia planned for Kerry Goodfellow to go deep undercover with Darius. If Kerry agreed. She didn’t want to just send her without her permission. She didn’t want that hanging over her head should Kerry get caught.

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