About the Challenge

Welcome to Random Paths! This is a spin off of my Differences in the Family Tree challenge story, Random Branches. This story follows the story of generation 2 spare Kreia Rand after she leaves home. The challenge that she doing is the Random Legacy Challenge. The challenge was created by severedsolo of ModTheSims. However, the challenge really took off, and it became too much for just one person so the rules for the challenge are basically done by the active players who discuss them on the ModTheSims site. The site to find the rules is here and the site for the discussion is here.

Since there are several roll options in the game and some of them I do not like, I have opted to remove them from play. The following list are the rolls that I have removed from play:

  • Marital Structure
    • Step Children – I don’t want to have to rely on Story Progression giving a Sim a previous spouse and some kids if I’m not wanting to add in a Sim specifically for the story.
  • Income – Here’s it’s mostly just me not liking the careers, but I may add them in if any feel like a good fit for the Sim I’m rolling it for. So if I have a Sim land on animal/horse love, I may add in Equestrian since it would make sense.
    • Freelance Scientist – Doesn’t feel like it earns enough money to really be a career
    • Mixologist – Don’t want to have to have enough bars to really make this worthwhile.
    • Equestrian – Don’t like pets enough to devote a Sims career on them
    • Animal Wranger – Same as with Equestrian
    • Architect – Too reliant on the customer liking the job, and I’m not a huge fan of the professions
    • Stylist – Same as Architect
    • Acrobat – Don’t like professions
    • Singer – Same as Acrobat
    • Magician – Same as Acrobat
    • Part Time – Not a big fan of the part time careers
    • Day Care – Don’t want to have to deal with having the daycare be at the residence of my legacy. If it was at another building or a rabbithole career, this would still be in play.
  • Generational Goal
    • Awesome – Too broad for my liking
    • Party to Remember – I hate parties
    • Deadbeat Parents – Not a fan of this one either. If it didn’t affect the ability of the kids to choose their traits, I’d be more inclined to try this roll, but there are a few traits that I absolutely despise that even for Random Traits, I’d reroll if I got them.
    • 5 Star Celebrity – Don’t like celebrities enough to force my heir to have to get to 5 stars.
    • Idle Career – I just don’t like this roll. I’m too much of a perfectionist to let my Sims not top their career.
    • Photogenic – Too tedious
  • Miscellaneous Fun
    • Half-siblings – I don’t want to force half siblings. I’d rather the story go to that naturally than force the story in that direction because of a roll.
    • Tattoo addict – Don’t like the tattoos in the game and don’t want to download custom ones just for a roll
    • Fighter – Too tedious and my plot is probably going to add enough drama as it is.

Traits that if under Random Traits that I’d reroll:

  • Never Nude – Trait makes no sense to me
  • Vehicle Enthusiast – I just hate this trait.

You do not need to have read Random Branches to enjoy this story, though it will flesh out Kreia’s back story more than the first chapter does. And there are bound to be references to it as Kreia is close to her brother who is the heir of the DITFT. However, it will still not require you to read Random Branches.


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