Chapter 2.12: Reunion

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter, Eva and Thomas learned that they were free of witness protection at the best moment possible: finding themselves about to “meet” Miranda DeLange for the first time. Miranda DeLange being Eva’s sister. Elliot took the news fairly well, however Olivia did not. And now on with the story.

“Liv, you didn’t even give Mom and Dad a chance to explain why they were under false names to begin with. You’re being unfair to them,” Elliot said.

“They lied to us! How many times have they told us that telling the truth is the most important thing. Even if telling the truth isn’t the easiest choice?” Olivia countered.

“A lot. So they probably have a good reason for lying to us about who they are. Let’s go ask them.”


The pair returned home and sought out their parents. “Why? Why did you lie to us?”

Thomas sighed. “You two have learned of the causes of this war and of the events that happened right before it started, right?”

“Yea. The SUA hates occults and tried to rid the nation of them. They attacked and later murdered a girl. A few years later they attacked the country in a coordinated terrorist attack. That was the start of the war.”

“I am that girl they attacked and later murdered,” Eva said.

“How can you be here alive if you were the one they murdered?” Elliot asked.

“Because my death was faked. Because they wanted me dead for putting the men who attacked me behind bars. It was the only way for me to enter witness protection and not end up dead still. It’s why I always got accused of being the girl who was murdered. Because I am her.”

“That’s why you couldn’t tell us. Because if we told the wrong person, we’d be a target for the SUA,” Elliot said.

“So do we get to go meet the rest of our family then? Our grandparents? Any other cousins?” Olivia asked, “And sorry for my reaction last night.”

“It’s ok, Liv,” Thomas said, “We were hard on you two for lying and then you found out we were lying to you. I likely would have had a worse reaction than you did. And yes, we do plan on going around this summer to our family. You’ve learned about some of your grandparents in school.”

“Now you’re lying to us,” Elliot said, putting his hands on his hips.

“Nope,” Eva said, “My mother was the infamous Revan. Thomas’s father is Ian Destansi, former head of the Lucky Palms Mafia, one of the more prominent mafia’s brought in to help take down Darius Myst of Bridgeport. My maternal grandfather was Sinbad Rand, head of the Moonlight Falls mafia.”

“Then aren’t we also related to the youngest International Super Spy in Sim Nation history? Wolfgang Avilla-Rand,” Elliot said.

“Yes. He also raised me and my sister Miranda.”

“He’s the cousin Wolfie that Mrs. DeLange, Aunt Miranda, talks about?” Olivia asked.


“Why were you raised by Wolfgang? Why didn’t your father do that?” Elliot asked.

“He was too shook up by the death of my mother to raise us,” Eva said, “He loved Miranda and I, but I can’t really think of him as a Dad. Nor do I regret my decision as a teenager to want Wolfgang to be the one to give me away at my wedding. Which he did.”

“Is he still alive?” Elliot asked.

“No, he died a few months after I went into witness protection. He was told I was not actually killed. Your only living grandparents are Thomas’s parents.”

“Yea, my father is on the Immortal Council of Moonlight Falls and I know Mother will likely just use ambrosia for a good long while. And we’ve been cheating and sending information back and forth between us and your grandfather Ian Destansi. He likely would have mentioned the death of his wife Ryanne,” Thomas explained.

“So any other Aunts and Uncles?” Olivia asked.

“No other aunts. You do have a couple of uncles on your father’s side. Myles and Samuel,” Eva said.

The family spent the next few hours going over Thomas’ and Eva’s lives before witness protection. By the end, Olivia had forgiven her parents for lying given that it was lie or die. Both Elliot and Olivia decided to change their last name to Destansi to match their parents.

And in a few months time, summer break had arrived and Thomas and Eva had gotten the addresses to the people they wanted to surprise.


Their first visit was to see Wolfgang and Lindy.

They arrived just after another car had pulled up. The woman driving the car stepped out and said, “Who are you?”

Eva just starred trying to remember who this was, if she even knew her.

“I’m Thomas Destansi and she’s Eva Destansi. You are?”

“I don’t know a Thomas or an Eva. I’m Dayna Alto.”

“That would explain why you don’t know an Eva. I was off in college by the time you were born. Destansi is my married name. Wallis is my maiden name. Go get your father and he might be able to help explain things.”

“How about we all just go inside. The sun is a bit bright today,” Thomas suggested.

“Witness protection, you were in witness protection,” Lindy said.

“Yep. Thank you by the way for urging Wolfie to go Allison O’Neill’s wedding. Allison O’Neill was my new identity. Happy birthday, by the way. Just remembered that it’s your birthday. Will Gerard be showing up at some point? He knows, but I’d like him to know that he doesn’t have to keep it a secret anymore.”

“Yea, he told me,” Wolfgang said, “He figured I knew as he’s got that damn perceptive nature and noticed as I wasn’t as sad he thought I should have been on the anniversary of your staged death and after he had reunited with you confronted me about it.”

“Have you visited Miranda since? She couldn’t make it here as her oldest is sick.”

“Yea, witness protection put us in Riverview. Miranda lives in Riverview. Moved there while Elliot and Olivia were still in elementary school. Elliot and Olivia are the same age as Caroline. They were best friends since they met. We never managed to get together before the war was over. The night we met was the night our handler called us to say we were out of witness protection if we wanted to be. Of course the call came after I spotted Miranda getting the mail,” Eva said.

And they spent the rest of the day catching up. Most of the stops they made went the same way with the family understanding why it was necessary.


Sean, however, took it badly. “I was your best friend! I considered you a sister! And this is how you repay me?! By going into witness protection and not telling me?!”

“Sean, I couldn’t tell you. The more people who knew about it the more likely it would fail. So only the people absolutely necessary were told.”

“I wouldn’t have told anyone, Eva! Did you not trust me?!” Sean yelled.

“I do trust you! But emotions and phrasing can betray the truth. I’m the only person who has survived going into witness protection after the SUA wanted them dead. Because of how the SUA operates. They have their operatives stalk the person’s closest relatives and friends watching and waiting for one of them to mess up in word choice or look. And they always let the one who tipped them off know they found the person. I didn’t want that to be you.”

“It’s been fourteen years! You could have gotten word to me since then through one of the ones who did need to know!” Sean yelled and stormed off.

Eva started to follow, but Thomas stopped her, “I’ll talk to him, Eva,” he said and followed Sean. He saw him out on the deck and stepped out.

“I don’t want to hear it, Eva!” Sean yelled, turning around, “Oh, sorry.”

“Do you think it was easy for her to not tell you? That she didn’t want to tell you?” Thomas asked.

“Sure looks that way.”

“Right so the months she cried herself to sleep after we got put into witness protection were tears of joy. She still cries when birthdays roll around. Because she can’t send a gift. She had to hide her sadness around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Two major holidays that revolve around family and she had been cut off from hers. She didn’t want to go into witness protection. But the SUA would have started killing off members of your family if not her herself had she not gone into it. And she couldn’t handle members of her family getting killed because they were trying to draw her out to kill her. At first, she never wanted to go out. Never wanted to be around people who might start telling stories of growing up. She had to keep her mouth shut when one of our best friends started bad-mouthing Wolfgang and Zachariah,” Thomas said, “Look, I get it your hurt and rightfully so. You spent fourteen years believing she was dead. But getting on her for that is unfair.”


“Will Sean forgive you, Mom?” Elliot asked.

“I hope so. I think he will once Dad is done talking to him. I didn’t take going into witness protection very well. And Sean wasn’t the twin prone to anger issues. That was Caiden. I wasn’t expecting him Sean to take the revelation easy, but it’s still hard to take in.”

“Why did you not expect him to take it easy?” Elliot asked.

“Like Sean said, we were best friends. We considered each other siblings even after we learned that we weren’t. He just needs some time to wrap his head around it.”

“That’s good,” Elliot said.

[Insert Picture here]

“I didn’t realize my brother had company,” a voice said, “Come to think of it, I don’t recall him saying he knew any vampires that lived around here. So who are you and what are you doing in his house?”

Eva jumped and turned around. The voice was Caiden’s. “Hey, Caiden.”

“How do you know my name,” Caiden said before it hit him, “Eva?! But… but you…”

“Staged. I was in witness protection. Along with Thomas Destansi. We fell further in love and got married. Had twins.”

“I take it Sean didn’t take it well,” Caiden said.

“Nope. You’re honestly taking it better than I thought.”

“Dad wasn’t the best at hiding things if you were paying attention. And as soon as the war was over I confronted Dad about it. And he told me you were going around after I told him either he or you needed to let Sean know.”

“Yea. I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to come out of witness protection at first. Not tied to any of our famous relatives so we don’t get to ride coat tails. But once I realized that my kids were best friends with Miranda’s oldest, there was no way I could stand in her face and lie to her. Not after the danger was gone from it getting out that Eva Wallis is still alive.”

“Ah. And the kids are?”

“Elliot and Olivia.”

“I’m sorry, Eva. I understand why you didn’t tell me. I can’t forgive you completely right now, but I think I will in time. And Caiden, what are you doing here?”

And the rest of the visit at Sean’s went well. The trip around Sim Nation to see the relatives was soon over after that and the family went back to Riverview.

And that’s it for this chapter! What else is in store for the Destansis? Find out in chapters to come!


This is the last chapter that focuses on Eva and Thomas and their life. Lack of pictures is intentional. I’m waiting to move on to the next generation and getting hung up on pictures is not where I want to be right now.

Eva’s rolls for those that did not check the rolls page are:

Marital Structure: Couple – Achieved
Number of Kids: 1 – Achieved and exceeded by 1 due to twins
Primary Income: Journalism – Achieved
Secondary Income: Adventurer/Scuba Diver – Achieved
Generational Goal: Perfectionist – Cooking – Achieved
Miscellaneous Goal: Live Your Trait – Bookworm – Achieved

The next generation’s rolls will be updated when the heir becomes obvious.


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