Chapter 2.11: Ghost

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter Elliot and Olivia became best friends with Caroline DeLange. The friendship lasted into their pre-teen years and when the three were eleven, Mrs. DeLange finally arranged for the parents to meet face to face. At the end of the chapter, Eva and Thomas realized that Mrs. DeLange was known to them and Eva’s phone had just gone off. And now on with the story.

Miranda DeLange just got off the phone with her husband Joshua DeLange. He was home for good. He had just gotten word that the war was over. “Kids! Good news!” Miranda yelled, “War is over! Dad’s coming home for good!”

The kids yelled in excitement, even Elliot and Olivia Riker. Miranda couldn’t get over how much Olivia looked like her dead sister. Olivia said her mother got the comparison a lot since she looks a lot like Eva Wallis.

“Hey,” a female voice called out. One that Miranda vaguely remembered. She turned and it was a dead ringer for her dead sister. Miranda figured this must be Allison Riker

“Everyone said you looked like my dead sister, but damn,” Miranda went, “You look just exactly like her. And sound like her, too.”

“And I bet I look like someone you’ve met and heard,” the male said, most likely Malcolm Riker.

Miranda looked the vampire over. He did look familiar and sounded familiar as well. “But… but… how would… how would you know?”

“Sit down, Miranda,” Allison said, “I suppose we’re not going to last, oh shit you married Agent DeLange didn’t you? We’re not going to last until he gets home. I really don’t want to do this twice.”

“He’s a smart guy, he’ll figure it out. He was partnered with that cousin of yours for a few years at least,” Malcolm said.

“Mom, how did you know what Caroline’s father does for a living when he’s not off at war? We didn’t mention it,” Elliot asked.

“The reason why everyone mistakes her for Eva Wallis is because she is Eva Wallis,” Miranda said, “Aren’t you, sis?”

“Yea. It’s why we didn’t come in right away. You were out grabbing the mail and I recognized your looks, Thomas here recognized your smell,” Allison, no Eva, said with a sheepish smile.

“You’ve lied to us our entire lives?!” Olivia yelled, “What part of our past is true? Did you guys really come from Appaloosa Plains?!”

“Olivia…” Eva started.

“You know what, I don’t want to hear it!” Olivia then ran off, towards the bedrooms, most likely Caroline’s if Eva were to bet money.

“Elliot, how are you taking this?”

“I’ve got so many voices going off in my head about this, it’s going to take me a bit to figure out how I feel. But I think I knew something was up. You reacted so strangely to some things. And I sometimes heard the contents of Mom’s nightmares. Olivia will come around. I’ll go talk to her.”

“I came from Storybrook County, though I was raised in Sim City. Thomas, your father, came from Lucky Palms,” Eva said and watched her son go off, Caroline following behind.

“So, when did you two marry?” Miranda asked.

“About eleven years ago. We even managed to get Wolfgang to walk me down the aisle. Without blowing our cover,” Eva said.

“How did you pull that one off without blowing your cover?” Miranda asked.

“Almost blowing our cover to an SBI agent who we later learned was in the business of witness protection. He overheard Eva’s desire to be walked down the aisle by a famous SBI agent and asked him. Thanks to Lindy, he did it. And shit, our kids are best friends. Inseparable.”

“I know. Did you tell father before you went under? Sorry, random question, I know.”

“I did. At Wolfgang’s urging.”

“You don’t seem shocked that I’m married and have kids,” Miranda asked.

“I might have had sporadic updates from Zachariah and then Ian after Zachariah’s death.”

Miranda sat down on the couch and slumped over, “They knew and didn’t tell me?”

“Miranda, they couldn’t. The more people that knew I wasn’t truly dead, the less likely the plan would have succeeded. I’m sorry that you couldn’t know, I truly am. It’s been one of my biggest regrets for years. Keeping you in the dark. You’re not the only one I cared about that had to get left in the dark. Sean doesn’t know. Neither does Caiden or Brie. Gerard didn’t know for the longest time…”

‘One minute. How does Gerard know and not me?!” Miranda yelled.

“Well, Elliot won a contest to go see The Alliance. He was given four tickets so we all went as a family. Elliot forgot to mention that they were all inclusive tickets where you got to meet the band after the show.”

“And Gerard’s the singer for The Alliance,” Miranda said with a smile.

“Apparently and he was smart enough to put two and two together. He’d seen Thomas from time to time and well, he knew what I looked like. I swore him to secrecy, though. And then wormed information out of him.”

“You would do that,” Miranda laughed.

“So which kid of which cousin got drafted?” Eva asked.

“How did you know that one got drafted? And it was James. Leia’s youngest kid and only son.”

“Caroline wasn’t as oblivious when you were on the phone talking about it as you thought,” Eva said, “I see you’ve gotten that large family you’ve dreamed about.”

“Yes. I have. With a wonderful husband. Who should be here at any moment. Are you free of witness protection? Or do I need to make sure Caroline and my other kids don’t spill?”

“We’re free. Got a phone call right after you went back inside from getting the mail. It was our control agent saying it was safe for us to return to using our true identities if we want. I’ll likely go back to the first name of Eva.”

“I’ll be going back to Thomas Destansi. I figure we’ll give the kids a choice. They’ve been Rikers since birth.”

“Miranda, think you can help me get a family reunion set up? I want to see everyone.”

“Eva, might it be better for you to take a huge trip across the country and just visit everyone? Less hectic and you’ll be able to better handle those who will not take you leaving them out of the loop well.”

“Good suggestion, sis,” Eva said.

And the two talked for awhile before Joshua came home and had a shock. The two families then spent the rest of the evening catching up. Thomas and Eva let the twins spend the night since Olivia was still having a hard time accepting that her parents had been in witness protection.

And that’s it for this chapter! How will the family take Eva still being alive? Will Olivia forgive her parents? Find out in chapters to come.


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