Chapter 2.8 – Love and War

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter Eva had a hard time getting past what had happened her to on the first anniversary of the event since she went into witness protection. It didn’t help that Thomas had forgotten that due to his own troubles. And now on with the story!

A few months went by. Paul soon asked Renee out after Thomas and Eva started dating. The two couples would go on double dates fairly often.

It was after one such date when Thomas asked Eva a question, “So. Our wedding. Do we want a ceremony or do we just want to go to the court house and sign paperwork? Paul and Renee will ask questions we can’t answer. And who would give you away?”

“I want a ceremony and I want Wolfgang to give me away,” Eva pouted, “And while we’re discussing difficult things. What about you and your vampirism and the fact that I’m not?”

“You’re asking this now and not before you popped the question? I wouldn’t have asked about us that day if I wasn’t willing to accept the fact that you will at some point die of old age well before I will should you choose to not have any ambrosia or become a vampire. And I wouldn’t force you or make you feel bad about it if you didn’t. And I don’t recall a Wolfgang in Allison’s history.”

“Doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream that the famous SBI agent Wolfgang Avilla-Rand could give her away,” Eva said.

“Sorry for the intrusion, the door was open,” Paul said suddenly, “What’s this about a famous SBI agent giving you away?”

Eva and Thomas jumped. “Since you know my father has passed away we were discussing who would give me away at my wedding. I said I wouldn’t mind if a famous SBI agent gave me away.”

“Well, what if as a wedding present, I got that to happen?” Paul said, “I do work at the SBI after all and I think he’s been complaining about desk work again.”

“If you can swing it, I would forever be in your debt,” Eva said.

“Well, I best be off to get that ball rolling. When’s the date?” Paul said.

They told him and he was off. The pair collapsed onto the couch afterward. “That was close,” Eva said.

“Too close.”

Paul had said Wolfgang had said no. Eva, while heartbroken, understood. Wolfgang didn’t know Allison O’Neill. And it was the day. The big day. The day Allison O’Neill became Allison Riker. Renee had helped her do her hair and her make up. And she was now just pacing the room trying to get in control of her nerves. She had kicked her maid of honor out as well as the others who were helping. She needed some time alone.

The door suddenly came open. She turned to yell at whomever it was when she stopped.

“You… you came?” Eva said, “Paul said you said no…”

Wolfgang blinked. “Are you… is it safe?”

Eva laughed, “Yes, Wolfie, it’s safe. Now close the door before you blow my cover.”

Wolfgang closed the door, locked it, and hugged Eva.

“Why the lock?” Eva asked.

“We don’t need your maid of honor stepping in here right now. I want to talk to you as Eva. Not as Allison. Unless you have a problem with that.”

“No, no problem. Shit. I’m going to cry and I’m going to ruin my make up and then Renee isn’t going to be happy with me. What made you change your mind?”

Wolfgang ran his hand through his hair. “Lindy convinced me last night. Said I should make this Allison O’Neill’s day. I… I’m glad I took her advice.”

“Now, can you give me away and pretend you don’t know me or the groom for the rest of the day? Or do I need to not invite you to the reception?”

“So you married him, did you?”

“Marrying him, yes. Did Lindy come?”

“No. Dayna’s got the flu. And we should get going. Before Thomas thinks you’ve got cold feet.”

“Remember, I’m Allison O’Neill. Thomas is Malcolm Riker. I’m about to become Allison Riker. Please, please, please, don’t blow our covers. I like it here.”

“Got it, Aly.”

Thomas waited for ages at the altar before he heard the music start. Soon he saw her. And then he did a double take at who was walking her down the aisle. But the double take didn’t last long before he was transfixed by Eva again.

And when she got up front, they said their vows and he was given the command to kiss the bride and so he did.

Time went on. They even pulled together their money and a bought a house that would cover them for a good long while. But try as they might, for some reason, Eva just wasn’t getting pregnant.

“Why can’t I get pregnant?”

“My family has had some problems with getting pregnant. We think it might be the vampirism. Vampires aren’t well known for large families and there might be a reason for that.”

“But your father had three kids?”

“We aren’t all that close in age and I don’t know when they started trying for Samuel or for me. I just know that for all but my parents, there was considerable time between marriage and a kid. And I hate to bring this up, but maybe it’s a side effect of your being beat up? We might want to call our control agent and ask how to handle seeing what the issue is with us getting pregnant.”

“I don’t know if I can handle that latter reason, Thomas,” Eva said, “They’ve already ruined my life in a lot of ways. I can’t handle the thought of me being infertile on top of that because of them.”

Thomas hugged Eva. “We’ll get through this. If we have to look into a surrogate we will. I doubt their attack destroyed your eggs.”

“I suppose. You call Agent Roberts though.”

Thomas nodded and dialed their control agent. “Hey, Agent Roberts. Is now a good time?”

“When it’s someone under protection, it’s always a good time. Is everything ok?”

“Yea, everything’s fine. I’m sure you got wind that Eva and I got married.”

“Yea and almost had a close call with an SBI best friend. Heard that from Agent Rand.”

“Luckily, he caught the end of that discussion. Anyway, despite Eva and I’s constant trying to have a baby we aren’t seeming to get pregnant. There is some history of trouble getting pregnant in my family and then there was the assault on Eva. What should we tell the doctor about Eva when we go in to see what the issue is?”

“How about an abusive past relationship? If you just leave it at relationship, it wouldn’t even be a lie given her relationship with Owen. He did abuse his friendship with her to boost the ranks of the SUA. Or at least attempted to. And you helped her get out of it.”

“I think that could work. Thanks.”

And within a week, the pair was at the doctor’s talking it out. After some tests it was determined that it was indeed Thomas’ vampirism that was causing the lack in pregnancy.

“You could take a cure,” the doctor said, “Or we could try fertility treatment.”

“Mal, you do what you want to do. I’m game for fertility treatment if you aren’t wanting to give up your vampirism,” Eva said, knowing that part of Thomas didn’t want to take the cure for fear of Eva being discovered. But she also knew that he had been having some issues fitting in as a vampire.

Thomas gave her a look and Eva knew what it was. Thomas was sacrificing his happiness for her safety. “Let’s give the fertility treatment a try, then.”

And the fertility treatment worked. Soon Eva was pregnant. They began saving money like crazy, luckily Eva’s job paid well. Thomas was still unemployed. Eva currently worked at the World Geographic writing articles for them. It kept her in the field she loved but out of the lime light.

Thomas had decided that it was probably best to wait to see how many kids they had before starting his search again. Fertility treatment brought the chance for multiples. And he was at home watching the news when he caught a report that Sim Nation had just been attacked by the SUA for not ridding themselves of occults. And the nation was attacked hard. Many of the major cities had gotten attacked simultaneously. It was likely being talked about all over.

He heard his phone go off and the caller id said it was Eva. “Hey. I take it you’ve heard the news?”

“Yea. I’ve got family in those major cities. Wolfie’s in Sim City. Obi, Leia and Mission and their families are in Starlight Shores. I have no idea where Canderous is, but he’s in the military so he’s going to be in the thick of it. Though likely not out in the fields since he’s so old…”

“Aly, calm down. And are you in a spot where you can be talking about this so candidly? You are pregnant. I’m sure they won’t mind if you go home.”

“Alright. I’ll be home shortly.”

Thomas figured he best call Agent Roberts. “Hey,” Thomas said when Agent Roberts answered.

“We’re still piecing things together, Thomas,” Agent Roberts said, “Anything specific that she’s wanting?”

“She wants the whole enchilada. But I think she’ll be helped if Wolfgang, Miranda, and Sean were all found to be in good health. And she might have been panicked enough to call me from work to worry about it.”

“And she used names, didn’t she?”

“No last names, but she did use names.”

“Do you want out?”

“No. I had talked with her about her coworkers. There’s a few occults there from what I hear and none of her coworkers give the occults a bad time so the chances are none are SUA. And I doubt any were too focused on what others were saying given the news. And she’s pregnant. The war is going to stress her out enough.”

“Fair enough.”

And that’s it for this chapter. Will Thomas and Eva be able to remain safe while war goes on around them? How many kids will Eva have? find out in chapters to come!


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