Chapter 2.7 – Anniversary

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter, Eva and Thomas settled into their lives as Allison O’Neill and Malcolm Riker. They quickly made friends with a few others in their apartment complex. At the very end of the chapter, Eva proposed to Thomas and Thomas agreed. The pair did however agree to fake dating as to not cause any problems with their friends. And now on with the story.

It was a month or so after the pair started officially dating, that the honeymoon phase of their relationship, at least this stage of it, was over. “We haven’t gone out in a week, Eva!” Thomas yelled.

“I’ve been sick, Thomas. I don’t recuperate as fast as vampires do!” Eva responded.

“You’re fine now!”

“It’s four years to the day that my life got turned upside down! When my best friend turned into my worst enemy and wanted me dead! I have to live with the fact that due to that day my sister thinks I’m dead. I can no longer call any of my relatives anymore! All because I agreed to go to a stupid group meeting. That I should have seen the warning signs for when Owen wouldn’t tell me what the group was about! I don’t want to go out and see all the lives of people who don’t have a fake past. Who can call their relatives to catch up! Not play a dangerous game of mail tag using criminals!”

“So you regret meeting me?”


“Then how am I supposed to take that?!”

“So I’m supposed to jump up and down with joy because I almost got beaten to death? That my sister got kidnapped by those guys in order to keep me from testifying? That I have to let my sister think I’m dead? That I had to let you think I was dead at least for some time? I knew there would be part of you that didn’t want to say goodbye to your family. That knew I was going to die much sooner than you. I feared what you would say if asked. So I almost didn’t ask your father to let you know. It was your father who told me how hard you had taken it. I didn’t want you to go down the same path as my father.” Eva had held it in long enough and when she finished the sentence broke down crying.

Thomas just stood there for a second before sighing. He sat down, pulled Eva close, and hugged her. “I’m sorry. I just got so angry over being told I’m not qualified for the job due to my vampirism that I forgot that today was that day.”

“I can’t see why…”

“Eva, your family has been around occults for a while. Your family is used to us. Knows we aren’t monsters. Most Sims aren’t used to occults. Most Sims have bad impressions of us occults due to legends and stories. And those stories are based in truth. There are vampires out there that feed on mundanes. Just living with my family I didn’t get to really see it. This is my first real experience with the stories my family told. That and before I could just say I was Natalie Destansi’s grandson. That usually opened some doors. I can’t do that now. Again, I’m sorry for forgetting and I didn’t mean what I said. I know you wish you hadn’t been beaten up and that that has nothing to do with wanting or not wanting to have met me. I was just angry.”

Eva just buried her head in his shoulder and cried. She eventually said, “If you want to go out on your own to blow off steam, you can.”

“I think being here with you is more important. It’s worse this year isn’t it?”


“Do you want to talk about it?”

Eva was about to answer when a phone call came. It said unknown name. She answered the phone, “Hello.”

“That’s a voice I haven’t heard in a while,” an all to familiar voice said.

“Wolfie, you’re going to get our cover blown!” Eva said.

“I got permission. I’m not on my phone. But your handler didn’t want to panic you today by having me use his number. Not after what I told him was the reason for my call. And I have a couple of reasons. Is Thomas home?”

“Yea. Why?”

“Just wondering if I needed to go hire a vampire slayer.”


Thomas looked at her oddly. “He’s calling? Of all idiotic…”

“Yes, he’s calling. If you weren’t home he might have sent a vampire slayer after you,” Eva laughed.

Thomas relaxed a bit since the call at least got her laughing.

“I know what today is and I hate to be the bearer of more bad news for today but the bad news is the only reason I was allowed to make the call and I know you could use hearing my voice tonight.”

“Now you’re just scaring me, Wolfie. And yes, I needed to hear your voice. I’ve also put you on speaker phone so that Thomas can hear.”

“Your father. He died earlier today. He did find love again right after you went into witness protection. Another old lady who lived in the retirement home your father went to. She, like him, had had a rough time of it relationship wise so she wasn’t in any hurry to do anything like marry. You’d have liked her had you met her. So your father was happy when he died. Though his girl did say he did seem the happiest she had ever seen him right before he passed. Like he knew he was going to his true love soon.”

Thomas watched as Eva processed that bit of information. He had gathered that Eva barely knew her father over the time they had spent together.

“Shit, why is this even making me sad? I barely knew him?!” Eva cried.

“He was your father and you know what he meant to your mother and to your sister. And it’s today, you’re probably more sensitive today,” Wolfgang said.

“I… I suppose.”

“Be strong. Thomas won’t let anything happen to you and I’ve known your handler for a while. He’ll make sure you stay safe and will get you out if it’s not. Love you.”

“Thanks for the call, Wolfie. Love you, too.”

When the call was officially hung up, she got up and ran off to her room, locking the door and crying on her bed.

Thomas followed and knocked on the door after trying to open it. “Eva, unlock the door. Let me in.”

“I just want to be alone!”

“It’s pushing dinner hours for non-vampires. You need to eat something. Do you have any cravings?”

“I’m not hungry.”

“You need to eat something, Eva.”

“Not hungry. Leave me alone.”

He was about to say something when he heard the doorbell. He walked downstairs and saw it was Paul and Renee.

He opened the door and said, “Hey.”

“Is Aly up for company?” Renee asked.

“No, she decided to get a nap right after I got home.”

“You up for company? We can be quiet.” Paul said.

“Not tonight.”

“Did we do something wrong?” Renee asked, crossing her arms.

“No. Definitely not. I’ve just not been suitable company lately. I’m wanting to get drunk and she doesn’t need me drunk while she’s getting over the flu.”

“Got turned down again?” Paul asked.

“Yes. And again because of my vampirism.”

“Alright, fair enough,” Renee said, “Tell Aly to feel better soon and we hope to hang out again sooner rather than later.”

“Will do. Thanks for popping in.”

And that’s it for this chapter! Will Eva learn to let go of the past? Will Thomas be able to find a job? Find out in chapters to come!


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