Chapter 2.4 – Time

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter, the SUA kidnapped Miranda in order to get Eva to not testify against Owen, Quentin, and Rafael. It did not work due to the scheming of Ian Destansi and Zachariah Smith. However, in the process Zachariah got shot, but Miranda made it out alive and physically unharmed. And now on with the chapter!

The summer went by slowly. Miranda, instead of returning to her apartment in Appaloosa Plains where she lived alone, stayed in Sim City with cousin Wolfgang and family for a few months. Neither of the Wallis girls were wanting the summer to end. Miranda wasn’t ready to be alone but had a kindergarten class to teach. And Eva had her Junior year of college to go to. Sean had graduated that summer and was off to the Graduate School at the University of Sim City to continue his education. Which left Eva with no friends at the University of Bridgeport. And there was still the SUA to consider. She had put three members in jail with her testimony.

Thomas waited out in the hall of the house the day that it was scheduled for Eva to leave for college. Thomas had gotten Eva to agree to rent out a small house. It would be easier to keep an assassin out that way. Her distant cousin Alistair had pulled her into a room to talk with her alone. Thomas waited patiently for Alistair to stop worrying over Eva and let her go. She was already nervous enough without him adding onto it.

There was another reason he wanted out of the dorms. He wanted the girls of the dorm to stop falling over him in their attempts to get with him. He was a one woman guy and right now the only thing stopping him from pursuing who he wanted was the fact that he had to protect her. But he couldn’t help his feelings and he knew they were at a dangerous level.

And the semester started off well. No attempts were made on her life and no word of any attempts being made on a relative’s life. Eva and Thomas both began to relax a little. Eva joined a couple of clubs. Smaller ones of course. And ones that Thomas could at least feign interest in if he didn’t have interest in it to begin with. And she made some new friends. And those friends had a tendency to rag on Eva and Thomas and tried to get them to admit their feelings and get together.

It was one such day when they were out with friends with a gun went off.

And that’s it for the chapter! Who got hit? Was the shot fatal if it even hit anyone? Find out in chapters to come!


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  1. gemly_teddie says:

    0.o What?! Nooooo!!! Cliffy! D:

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