Chapter 2.2 – Security

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter, Eva recovered from her attack and was discharged. Wolfgang and partner Joshua DeLange, arrested Owen Maguire and Quentin Tammany for conspiracy to commit murder and arrested the guy who attacked Eva. At the very end of the chapter, Sean was trying to get Eva to relax about returning to classes when there was a knock on the door. And now on with the story.

He opened the door and took a step back, not expecting who he saw. It was three Sims. One mundane and two vampires. Which meant it wasn’t the Sims United Alliance. “How… how may I help you?”

“Great. Lovely. Another group of Sims that don’t feel comfortable around vampires,” one of the vampire said, the one with long auburn hair and bright green eyes.

“No, I’m comfortable around vampires. I just wasn’t expecting to see any here,” Sean said.

“Calm down, Thomas. We heard from Father about what happened. They’re bound to be a bit more jumpy than usual when strangers approach,” the red headed mundane said.

Sean sighed, “How may I help you and who are you?”

The red headed mundane laughed a bit and said, “I’m Myles Destansi. Dark haired dark skinned vampire is my younger brother Samuel. The auburn haired vampire is my youngest brother and youngest sibling Thomas. We’re here because our Father thinks it’s best that she be protected.”

“Come in then, I suppose,” Sean said, he turned to Eva and said, “Eva, I think our solution to your late night lab class has arrived. Apparently, Dad must have told Alistair considering he’s distantly related to you and Alistair must have ranted about it to the other members of the Council and they came up with this plan…”

“Actually, our father is on the Immortal Council himself now. Lucian Dracule had grown weary of being immortal and read the tides and thought someone a little bit more ruthless than the others on the council needed to be added,” Myles said, “I’m Myles Destansi. Dark skinned vampire is Samuel Destansi. Lighter skinned vampire is Thomas Destansi”

“Late night lab class. Chemistry 201 lab by any chance?” Thomas asked.

“Yea. Why?”

“Do you know who your lab instructor is?”

“Haven’t checked, give me a minute to look it up. All I know is my adviser switched me to this lab before it filled up once he found out who the instructor was. Said I wouldn’t regret having him as an instructor,” Eva looked it up, “Z Destansi. He wouldn’t happen to be related to you, would he? Destansi isn’t exactly a common last name.”

“That’s good. You’ll have someone inside lab to watch out for you just in case a lab mate is with the Sims United Alliance,” Myles said, “Due to safety concerns we likely wouldn’t be able to be inside lab with you. He is related to us. He’s our Grandpa.”

And the days went on. Myles covered the day shifts for the most part. Samuel and Thomas too vulnerable due to their vampirism. The first few days had been tough. Some of her professors weren’t too fond of having a non-student be in the classroom, but didn’t make a fuss unless there weren’t enough seats. And in those classes, Myles told her to sit up front and if the seating chart is by last name to approach the professor and tell her the situation. Luckily, Eva didn’t have any of that happen this semester.

In between classes, Myles tried to keep her mind off of her troubles if she didn’t have work to do. And the two soon became friends due to the situation.

Samuel and Thomas alternated nights. Which mostly consisted of dinner and hanging out with friends, though that happened rarely. Eva wasn’t too willing to put her friends in danger. Eva found herself surprisingly looking forward to the nights that it was Thomas’ turn. He was quite good looking and had a great sense of humor. Not to mention Samuel seemed a bit absent-minded and Eva constantly had to bring him back into focus. So Eva was glad that it was Thomas who got to escort her to her first late night lab class.

“Relax, Eva,” Thomas said. They were only halfway to the lab and she wasn’t going to get a good grade if she was this nervous.

“But what if there is a member of the SUA in there?’

“Grandpa Zachary has reached the top of the martial arts. And he’s a vampire. You’ll be safe under his watchful eye.”

And a few minutes later, they had arrived. Thomas walked in with her and approached Zachary. “Hey, Gramps.”

“What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be watching Eva Wallis?”

“I am watching Eva Wallis. She’s right over there putting her stuff in the locker area,” Thomas said quietly.

“Ah. Thanks for the heads up since I can’t let you stay in here; she’s aware of that, right?”

“I’ve told her. She’s a bit wary about that, but I’ve assured her that you’re more than capable of keeping her safe.”

And soon lab had started and Eva soon realized why her adviser switched her lab sections. Zachary was brilliant. And she figured he was where Thomas got his humor from. Eva found herself looking forward to Tuesday nights. While she was there, she was able to forget that there were likely people out there who wanted to hurt her.

One Tuesday around noon, her phone rang. She answered it, “Hello.”

“Hello there, Eva Wallis,” the caller said, “We’re still watching you. You need to ditch your body guards by tonight unless you want something bad to happen to them.” The caller then hung up.

She screamed when Myles opened the door. “What’s wrong, Eva?” he asked.

“I… I just got a call. From most likely an SUA person. He said… he said to ditch my body guards by tonight unless I want something bad to happen to you guys.”

“We can handle ourselves. We’re not going to abandon you. You should call your cousin and let him know they called with a threat. Note the number down before you call.”

Eva nodded and let Wolfgang know.

Zachary watched as the group did the experiment. He noticed Eva Wallis was a lot more nervous than she had been in a few weeks. The last time she was this nervous was the first week. And that had gone away after about fifteen minutes. And they were an hour into lab now and she was so nervous it was affecting her work. He approached her. “Miss Wallis, is everything ok?”

She jumped a little and said, “They… they threatened your grandkids.” Good, one of them told her I was aware of the situation, Zachary thought. He fought to keep his own emotions in check. If he appeared worried to her, it would likely only make her more nervous and scared.

Zachary sighed and said, “It’s Samuel’s night isn’t it?” When she nodded he said, “Samuel is able to fend for himself. We’re down one today since it appears someone didn’t show. I’ll see if he’s by the door at the moment. Would you feel better if he was inside here?”

Eva nodded.

Zachary looked outside and didn’t see Samuel. He stepped back in and said, “I’ll check back in a few, I think he stepped away to use the restroom since we’re still a ways from lab ending.” That seemed to calm Eva down and soon both had forgotten that Samuel hadn’t been invited in.

He watched as Eva left lab, the last to leave since she kept having to repeat the experiment to get good enough results. He then heard her scream and the sound of someone hitting the ground hard. Dammit Samuel, you’re supposed to be back before she’s done with lab, Zachary thought and ran outside.

He threw the guy off of Eva and stood in between him and Eva. “Leave now. If you want to hurt Eva, you’ll have to get through me and based on how easy it was to throw you off of her, that won’t be happening.” The guy charged for him and Zachary quickly knocked him out. He then turned to Eva and said, “Are you ok?”

Eva looked herself over and said, “Yea. But where’s Samuel?”

Zachary helped Eva up and said, “I don’t know where that kid is. But I don’t think it’s safe to leave you alone. Just walk the hall with me while we try to find Samuel.”

Zachary watched as Eva followed, obviously shaken. And he saw her jump when her phone rang. She answered the phone and said, “Hello.”

“I’m ok. Thanks to Zachary. Samuel’s disappeared.”

“I am. We’re slowly and safely going through the hall looking for Samuel. He’s not answering his phone.”

“We’ll call when we know more. You call if he shows up there.”

Zachary heard her laugh uneasily before hanging up. “Which grandkid of mine was that?”

“Thomas. Oh, God! Samuel!”

Zachary turned and saw what Eva had seen. Samuel by the men’s restroom unconscious. Eva had run to him and tried to wake him.

Zachary ran to him and slapped him. “Ow,” Samuel said groggily, “What happened. Why am I still by the bathroom and what are you doing out of lab you two?”

“Lab’s over. Someone took you out of commission and tried to hurt Eva. Luckily close enough to the lab for me to still hear and sense feelings. What happened, do you remember?”

Samuel thought for a couple of minutes before saying, “I came out of the bathroom and suddenly felt a sharp pain in my neck. And then I felt really weak and that’s it. Shit! I’m sorry, Eva.”

Eva nodded in response to the apology and said, “Are you ok now?”

Samuel nodded and stood up, “Still weak. But I’ll be fine. I’m glad you’re ok, Eva. I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself if you weren’t.”

“Samuel, it wasn’t your fault you got jumped.”

“She’s right, Samuel,” Zachary said and turned to Eva, “I’ll walk you back to your dorm. Samuel, I’ll escort you back to your apartment after.”

Zachary led the pair to the dorm where Eva stayed. He noticed Myles quickly turn his attention to Samuel and while he noticed Thomas do the same, he couldn’t help but notice that Thomas had different feelings for Eva than his brothers did. And that Eva reciprocated. Zachary just hoped that the kid was able to keep focused on the job he had.

He then told Eva goodnight and pulled his grandkids away and walked them home.

Soon the semester was over and Eva felt it was bittersweet. She’d be safe back in Sim City with her cousin. But she would miss Thomas.

The pair did promise to keep in touch though.

And as the summer progressed, the trial kept getting postponed due to defense lawyer posturing. Eva just wanted the trial over with so that the threat against her would go down some. She doubted that it would go away completely.

And soon, they had run out of extensions. The judge gave them their final one. The trial was starting in one week.

She was about to call Thomas to let him know when her phone rang.

And that’s for the chapter! Who is calling? Will the trial go smoothly? Find out in chapters to come!


Author’s Note:

This is the same Destansi family that helped with Darius. Myles, Samuel, and Thomas are Ian Destansi’s kids with his turned real imaginary friend Ryanne.

Since this family is going to feature prominently in this story for at least a few chapters, here is a primer on the family, via a familyecho family tree: This one will not update so you do not need to worry about spoilers


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  1. gemly_teddie says:

    Eva and Thomas, eh? Why do I get the feeling Thomas won’t be around long enough to start a relationship? 😥

    I hope the trail goes well too, and I hope they can get these guys off their backs once and for all!

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