Chapter 1.9 – Grief

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths. In the last chapter Darius Myst and Rosalind Baines were dealt with. Darius was killed and Rosalind was turned human and arrested. The cost however was Kreia’s life and Ian Destansi’s vampire status. And now on with the story.

Zachariah was a bit taken aback when Wolfgang stood up and collapsed into his shoulder crying. But Zachariah couldn’t bring himself to push the kid off. Revan had been a close friend, or at least as close a friend as either Revan or Zachariah himself allowed. And now she was dead. And she was Wolfgang’s aunt. And try as he did to avoid it, Wolfgang had become a friend.

It was still hard to wrap his head around. Revan had a family. But it all began to make sense. Sudden dips into the sound proof room with her personal cell phone. Everyone had thought it was for privacy to plan and plot. But could it have been a phone call from home? If the rumors he had heard were true, the weekend trip to see the Immortal Council the first time coincided with the funeral of the Master Thief of Moonlight Falls’s wife’s funeral. Wolfgang’s grandmother and Revan’s mother. Could the meeting have just been a convenient excuse for Revan to leave Storybrook County and Wolfgang to leave the safety of hiding with the criminals?

But what would explain the several months that Revan would stop showing up for work. Then the time when the window presented itself but then Revan disappeared from the face of the Earth. What would explain that?

Wolfgang stopped crying so hard and broke the hug. He nodded a wordless thanks and turned to his grandfather. “Let others handle getting Kreia out.”

When the pair got outside, Alistair was waiting. “How could you be so heartless as to give an eight year old to Darius?” Alistair asked, glaring at Sinbad.

“I didn’t. I gave my imaginary friend to Darius,” Sinbad answered.

“S M R” Zachary Destansi said, having heard the conversation, “Decades ago I got a random private message on a forum asking for a dosage of imaginary friend metamorphium. It wouldn’t be easy to mail it so I gave the guy the ingredients. Decades ago would fit the timeline and S could stand for Sinbad and R could stand for Rotter.”

“And what would M stand for?” Alistair growled.

“Mira,” Sinbad answered, “I got the potion made, got Hailey to follow me, then had my imaginary friend drink the potion. She had refused to age up to teenager and as such was able to appear real as a child. And look and sound just like Hailey.”

“So… so if your imaginary friend went to Darius, then where is the real Hailey?” Alistair asked.

Sinbad shrugged.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Alistair roared.

“Calm down. I don’t know for her safety. What if Darius had gotten wind of that and tortured me for it? Not knowing would mean she would have a higher chance at surviving. Any street criminal knows of witness protection. I knew of a non-profit that helped those who wished to get new identities due to various reasons. They had mostly done cases of getting those families that Darius targets out of harms way. But you had to go to them. So I took Hailey to them and explained the situation and tried to get them to try to find your other family members but they didn’t have the resources for that. And it was too dangerous to try to get her parents. Everyone in Bridgeport knew that Darius had it in for the Mathiasen clan.”

“So how do I find her?” Alistair said.

“Well, since she was a minor, they wanted someone in the real world who knew what happened to her. Her contact to her old life. Just in case someone got away. All I remember is that her first name was changed to Samantha. I’ll help you reconnect with her once the funeral for Kreia is done.”

Wolfgang blinked. He hadn’t realized his grandfather had been involved in what happened to Alistair. While he was shocked, he was however proud that Sinbad found a way to save Hailey.

A couple of days later, Wolfgang stepped into Revan’s office to find Zachariah going through things. “Hey,” Wolfgang said.

Zachariah jumped, “Damn, you startled me. I told the others to leave me alone so I wasn’t expecting anyone. I suppose I should have expected you to come by at some point. How are you holding up?”

“Sorry,” Wolfgang said with a small smile, “Barely. But I’ll be fine given time.”

“Do you mind if I ask a question?”

“No, go ahead.”

“I’ve figured out that the weekend meeting with the Immortal Council was a convenient excuse to get away for your grandmother’s funeral. That the number of times Revan slipped into the sound proof room was mostly to make personal calls to her family and not to plan in private. But what I can’t piece together are the months she didn’t come to work at all and at times disappeared from the face of the planet.”

Wolfgang looked at the ground and tears fell. “I told my grandfather she was Kreia Wallis. She took her husband’s last name. She has two children. Two young children.”

Zachariah blinked. Husband. Children. Then it hit him. She disappeared when she was pregnant and showing too much to keep it a secret. “She… she was pregnant when the window to attack Darius first occurred?”

“Yes. With her youngest. The pregnancy was hard and the stress from everything caused complications. Something went wrong and they had to do an emergency c-section. Either due to a mistake in the surgery or the complications she was no longer to bear anymore children. Her child survived and is still in NICU as we speak. Revan was in a coma for a few weeks and was still recovering from that when she gave the go ahead. She feared a connection being made. She had promised her husband that no one would figure out that Revan had a husband and two kids. And no, I don’t blame you for that. She made her choice to not tell you, even though I told her to.”

“It’s my fault she’s dead, Zachariah.”

“You didn’t stab her, Wolfgang. Darius did,” Zachariah said.

“When I went out to get air. I went to my Aunt Kreia’s house. I went to Revan’s house. I went there to convince her to let us do the mission without her. Her husband had taken away her phone,” Wolfgang said, tears flowing, “I could have come back and said that I got word from Revan and that the mission is a go. I should have done that, Zachariah. And because I didn’t, my aunt is dead. My grandpa is inconsolable. I can’t even look at my cousin Miranda knowing she’s going to grow up without a mother because of me. I can’t even bring myself to visit Eva for the same reason.”

“Hindsight is twenty twenty, Agent Wolfgang Rand,” Zachariah said, “And I didn’t have to sit back afraid of what Revan would do if I put in the go ahead. As long as Darius ended up dead, she wouldn’t have killed anyone. She would have yelled and given us higher ups grunt work for months on end, but Revan was no Darius. And if the mission failed, she would have called that punishment. But I let myself listen to the lower henchmen. That we’d be killed by Revan if we dared defy her. She had done it in the past.”

Zachariah walked to the other side of the office table, put his hands on Wolfgang’s shoulders and said, “Revan would not want you blaming yourself for her death. Nor would she want me to blame myself. So I stuff the guilt that I feel and am trying to move on. Your family I overheard is moving out of Storybrook County. You have no immediate family tying you here anymore, nor a case. As much as I would hate for a friend to leave, ask to get reassigned to another location. So the memories have a chance to dull quicker.”

Wolfgang blinked. He had considered Zachariah a friend, but he hadn’t expected Zachariah to reciprocate those feelings. And what he said made sense. “You’re right. My only concern is the financial state of Revan’s family. And how well my uncle can cope and get to a point where he can care for my cousins.”

“Don’t worry about their financial status. Revan made sure the family of those killed were well taken care of. The least our clan can do is make sure her family is taken care of. And I’ll keep an eye out on how your uncle fairs once you’ve moved.”

Wolfgang thanked Zachariah, got the mementos he wanted and left. He took Zachariah’s advice and asked for relocation. The SBI granted the relocation and Wolfgang got stationed in Sim City.

And that’s it for this chapter! How is Brett taking the loss of his wife? How will their children cope? Find out in chapters to come!


3 comments on “Chapter 1.9 – Grief

  1. gemly_teddie says:

    Oh wow, it’s been ages! Hi!

    I can’t believe Revan/Kreia didnt come back to life!! 😥 So she’s really dead?
    How will her family cope without her? And how will these guys cope without their boss?

    • Seera says:

      She’s really dead. Some of her family will cope better than others, but that’s typical. “These guys” will just have a new boss except for the one who takes the reins.

      And yea, it has been a while. Took a break for a bit since I was getting burnt out.

  2. Awww, it was so nice of Zachariah to be such a good friend to Wolfgang in his time of loss.

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