Chapter 1.10 – Mourning

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter, Wolfgang Rand began to process his grief for his aunt. And now on with the story.

Brett was restless during the hours Kreia was gone. He couldn’t sit still for long. Not with her gone. Miranda had picked up on Brett’s uneasiness and was irritable. She had been alternating between crying and sleeping and trying to make him happy.

It was late in the evening when Brett heard a knock on the door. A lump formed in his throat. Kreia wouldn’t knock and if she was just in the hospital, wouldn’t someone have just called? He slowly made his way to the front door. His hand froze on the handle after unlocking it.

He took a deep breath and opened the door.

Wolfgang patiently waited for Brett to open the door. He knew Brett wasn’t stupid and would have figured out what him knocking meant. It killed Wolfgang to have to tell Brett that Kreia was dead, but Wolfgang was closest to Brett and Grandpa was too distraught to do it for him.

When the door opened he saw the pained look in his uncle’s eyes and a tear fell down his cheek. “I’m sorry, Uncle Brett. During the chaos, Darius got in a good hit and fatally stabbed Aunt Kreia. I’m sorry.”

Wolfgang grabbed his uncle as his uncle’s legs gave out. He helped his uncle to one of the chairs in the kitchen.

Things moved quickly from there. The funeral was a short one, Kreia wouldn’t have wanted a long drawn out funeral. A few days after the funeral, Wolfgang helped Brett bring Eva home from the hospital. And soon the two were sitting in the kitchen again.

“How will we get by financially?” Brett asked.

Wolfgang looked at his uncle. He didn’t miss the depressed tone, but hoped it wouldn’t last long. Brett had two daughters he needed to raise. “You don’t have to worry about losing your house. Kreia’s men will make sure you won’t lose the house. But I wouldn’t come to rely on it too much. Politics is nasty among criminals.”

The two talked for a while before Wolfgang bid his uncle good bye and wished him, Miranda, and Eva well.

Three months later and Wolfgang was in Sim City and moving up the chain of command quickly. His work towards taking down Darius had earned him major points with the Head of the SBI. Officially he was an International Super Spy. Youngest in the Bureau’s history. But he had requested to stay state side for a year. Just in case something happened that Wolfgang was needed for. His gut told him going off on an adventure was probably not a smart idea just yet. Plus, he was a better planner than a doer and the Bureau recognized that.

Shortly after noon, his cell phone went off and the caller ID said Zachariah.

And that’s it for this chapter! What does Zachariah want? Will Brett be able to hold it together or will he fall apart? Find out in chapters to come!


This also marks the last chapter of Kreia’s generation.

Kreia’s rolls for those who did not look were, the next generation’s goals will be posted on the rolls page once the heiress has become obvious:

Marriage Structure: Couple – Achieved
Number of Kids: 2 – Achieved
Primary Career: Criminal – Evil – Achieved
Secondary Income: Farmer/Nectar Maker – Achieved
Generational Goal: Social Bunny – Achieved in the background.
Miscellaneous Fun: No Strangers – Achieved in the background.


One comment on “Chapter 1.10 – Mourning

  1. gemly_teddie says:

    :O But…. But…. The kids were still babies!! Thats what made me so sure Kreia wasn’t really dead!!
    Ok, looking forward to how you’re going to lay out the rest of the generation, or will you do a time-jump? Looking forward to whatever happens. Poor Brett 😥

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