Chapter 1.8 – Operation Take Down Darius

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter, Kreia went into labor a couple of months early and through a c-section gave birth to a baby girl they named Eva. A few weeks after giving birth to Eva, Kreia got the ball rolling on Operation Take Down Darius. And now on with the story.

Kreia had woken up with a bad feeling in her stomach. She had learned over the years, that her gut tended to be right. Something bad was going to happen. She gave an extra loving hug to her daughter Miranda. Had tears in her eyes as she said goodbye to Brett and as he wished her and her allies luck. She even left early enough to swing by the hospital to spend some time with Eva.

Kreia had a feeling that someone was going to get seriously injured or killed during the fight. And due to how well Kreia had kept her alias from her real identity, she had a very bad feeling that it was her.

But Revan had no weakness and fear was a weakness, so Kreia stuffed her fear as she finished putting on her Revan attire.

She stopped by headquarters before heading to the meeting place. She needed to make sure everything they needed they had. When she got into her office she froze. Wolfgang wasn’t supposed to be here. “What are you doing here?”

“I figured you’d swing by here before heading for the meeting place. From my talks with Zachariah, you’ve got a good gut. My gut says something is off. That something won’t go according to plan.”

“Mine is off, too.”

Wolfgang hugged his aunt at her confirmation. Neither needed to say that they knew what the likely thing that didn’t go according to plan would be.

Soon it was time to begin the assault. Revan gave the signal to begin and people stormed off to do their part. Zachariah felt confident. He knew the plan would be a success and Darius would be taken down and most likely by death. They had a formidable strike force heading for Darius himself. Along with him was Revan of course, Wolfgang Rand, Sinbad Rand, Alistair Mathiasen, Lucian Dracule, Ian and Zachary Destansi, Ian Destansi being the head of the Lucky Palms mafia, as well as a few higher ups in the SBI and a few other higher ups in Revan’s mafia. They also had a few higher ups from the various alliance mafia’s. He was in the middle of the group, walking beside Wolfgang. The guy seemed nervous. “Things will be fine,” Zachariah said.

“My gut is telling me differently and my gut isn’t wrong all that often,” Wolfgang said before thinking to himself, And neither is Revan’s but Zachariah doesn’t need to know that.

“But it’s never always right. Have faith. Don’t let your gut create a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

It didn’t take long to reach Darius’s office. Where Darius was most likely hiding. Revan smirked and turned to one of the Immortal Council Members, Zachariah didn’t know who was whom and said, “Alistair, do you want to do the honors of busting his door down?”

“With pleasure,” Alistair said and kicked the door open.

They stepped into the office and Wolfgang said, “You’re surrounded, Darius Myst. Give yourself up.”

“Like I’m going to give myself up to a Rand,” Darius said, “Everyone, attack! Kill them all!”

Wolfgang was fighting next to his grandfather. He was a bit in awe that his grandfather was still able to shoot like he did. He glanced over towards where the occults were and saw that Alistair was getting the upper hand on Darius. He pointed it out to Sinbad. Just as Sinbad looked over, he saw Alistair take a few uneasy steps back and saw Lucian glance over towards Sinbad.

Wolfgang was about to open his mouth when Sinbad said, “Stuff that question, Wolfgang. It’s not a quick answer and we don’t have time for a story right now.”

Revan cursed. Rosalind had Ian pinned down and she was taunting him for an anti-vampire spell of some sort. She tried to figure out where to throw the elixir she was holding so as not to have it land on Ian instead of Rosalind, but Rosalind got off the spell before Revan could get off the potion. She heard Ian tell her to throw the potion. She mentally kicked herself for waiting and threw the potion. “I wish mine could kill,” Revan spat at Rosalind, “You best hope he lives or you’ll pay dearly.”

Rosalind screamed as the elixir took affect.

Zachariah Smith was helping Kerry Goodfellow fend off some people from getting the upper hand on Alistair and Zachary who were trying to contain a livid Rosalind without killing her now that she was a human, when suddenly the room got quiet.

Zachariah turned around and saw Darius getting stacked in the heart by Lucian. He then saw that Revan had been gravely injured. He got to Revan shortly after Wolfgang did. What shocked him were the tears in Wolfgang’s eyes.

Wolfgang glanced at his Grandpa and saw that he was trying to leave. He quickly got up and grabbed his hand. “Grandpa…”

“I’m not going to be here when Alistair realizes it’s over. It’s a full moon and he just got some news from Darius that’s bound to get him pissed off at me,” Sinbad interrupted and attempted to pull away.

“Dad, let Wolfgang finish,” Revan said, weakly.

Zachariah blinked, Why is Revan referring to Sinbad as ‘Dad’?

“Grandpa, you always wondered what Revan’s real name was because there was no trace of a Revan outside of the criminal mafia of Storybrook County. Well, Revan’s real name is Kreia. Kreia Wallis. Though she was born Kreia Rand.” Wolfgang explained and by the end of his explanation he had knelt down and grabbed Kreia’s right hand. He then said, “Zachariah, I know you are friends with Revan, but…”

“I understand,” Zachariah interrupted, stepping up and allowing Sinbad in. Shit. Though that does explain a lot of things. Like how quickly Revan and Wolfgang became friends. And why Revan knew she could trust Wolfgang. And why there were times when Wolfgang reminded him of Revan. Because they were related.

“Dad, did you really think I would be content doing anything but being a criminal?” Kreia said.

“Shh, my little princess, explain it later,” Sinbad said.

“I think you’ve known for a while. Just denied it to yourself to not stop me. Because you knew I was the right personality for the job of being the leader of the allied crime organization.”

“Kreia, stop. Be quiet. Rest.” Sinbad urged.

“Hey, I don’t mean any disrespect, but Grim’s here. He’s taken Darius and hasn’t left. I don’t think she has much time left.” Kerry Goodfellow said.

Sinbad stood up and faced Grim, anger radiating off of him, “You can’t take her!”

“I can and I will. You are on borrowed time. Don’t push me or I’ll take you, too. And you don’t need your family grieving over two instead of one,” Grim replied, “I’m being nice and allowing goodbyes because she was the catalyst for Darius’s demise. I’ve taken too many due to him.”

Sinbad collapsed down, deflated.

“Dad, I knew coming into this fight that I would likely die. I knew today I was going to be the focal point for Darius’s attempts to not fall. And I’ve been very very careful to not have my weaknesses exposed. Until Wolfgang got himself captured by my underlings and I was forced to interrogate him, only my husband knew of my alias. I made Brett and Wolfgang swear to not tell anyone. Revan was Revan’s weakness. I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry I got you into this mess.” Sinbad cried.

Kreia sighed but said, “Wolfgang, your grandfather and your father are going to take my passing hard. Be there for them. I… I know you’ve got your own family, but be there for mine if you can.”

“I will, Aunt Kreia. I promise.” Wolfgang said.

Kreia closed her eyes and she was gone.

And that’s it for the chapter! How will Brett, Miranda, and Eva get by now that the primary bread winner is dead? How will Brett react now that his biggest fear has been realized? Find out in chapters to come!


Author’s Note: I had to do something to stop them at child #2. For that is how many kids they rolled to have. And Kreia isn’t opposed to adoption or using a surrogate. And Brett wouldn’t have been against either. I tried to plot my way out of this corner I put myself in, but there’s no other option. And it makes sense.


3 comments on “Chapter 1.8 – Operation Take Down Darius

  1. gemly_teddie says:


    I was literally biting my nails all through, and then I was sure Revan/Kreia wouldn’t die, but.. Well, I was wrong, obviously! 😐

    But… She’s not dead, right? Or she comes back as a ghost… Yeah?


    • Seera says:

      Nope, the only way to keep the number of kids at the rolled # of 2 is for her to be dead. Believe me, I tried to find a loophole from the corner she and Brett wrote me into. Blame my roll. If I had rolled more kids, I probably would have let her return as a ghost.

  2. Awww. At least Darius is finally taken care of. RIP Kreia.

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