Chapter 1.5 – Stress

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter, Revan’s cronies complicated matters between Revan and Wolfgang and it ended up with Wolfgang’s family being put into protective custody by the criminals of Storybrook County. And now on with the story.

Zachariah was impressed with Agent Rand. He initially thought the kid was put on the case because he was cocky in his skills and needed a dose of reality. Or simply because his grandfather was Sinbad Rand, Master Thief of Moonlight Falls and the leader of the mafia there. But the kid was good. In both senses of the word. His good nature rubbed Zachariah the wrong way a lot of the time. All of the time, actually. But the kid had rescued Annalise without getting her killed or injured too badly beyond what Darius’s men had already done before he arrived. Then he pulled in favors and got juicy information on what Darius was up to. He also just gritted his teeth and didn’t comment when criminal activities were being discussed. And at times, Zachariah glimpsed the same coldness that Revan had. It’s what Zachariah guessed made Revan so dangerous.

One thing did bother him about Agent Rand. He seemed to instantly be friends with Revan. Or well as much as she allows anyone to become friends with her. It had taken Zachariah years to get to be friends with Revan. Yet an SBI agent does it in a matter of months. Was Revan just toying with Agent Rand for the sake of the alliance or was the friendship true?

So it made Zachariah a little worried one day when Agent Rand appeared distracted. “Earth to Agent Rand. Focus.”

“Sorry, Zachariah. My wife asked for a divorce this morning. Said she had had concerns over my job since she got pregnant with Sean and Caiden and recent events made it worse.”

Zachariah just nodded. He knew what a blow that could be. His parents had divorced and it had rocked his focus as a teen. He could only imagine it was worse for his parents. But he didn’t say anything and immediately went forward with what he was trying to discuss with Wolfgang.

Planning Darius’s demise took a lot out of Kreia. On its own. Caring for Miranda on top of that was hard. Her long hours at work planning were also beginning to put a strain on her relationship with Brett.

“Is it too much to ask for to have another kid? You said chances are the perfect time to attack Darius won’t be for another year. That’s long enough for a pregnancy!” Brett yelled.

“But it could also occur in three months! Or two! Or five! I’m needed at work to deal with the information!”

“Work from home!”

“And have an IP address place Revan’s home here? What if Darius gets hold of that? Do you want him to know where I live? So that he can come here and discover Miranda? We both know he won’t think twice before killing her!” Kreia yelled before sighing, “Look, I want another kid, too. But I want to try for him or her when I know I’ll be able to devote more time to raising him or her.”

“You’re not getting any younger, Kreia. The longer we wait, the less likely you’ll have an easy pregnancy and the more likely that there will be complications.”

“Look, it’s not going to happen right now. We’re waiting for the last piece to fall and it’s coming any day now, I can feel it.”

Whether it was fair to Brett or not, Kreia began spending more time at the criminal headquarters. She was tired of the arguing with Brett. She wasn’t ready for another kid. She didn’t want the kids to be too close in age and she was still unsure about when the last piece was going to fall.

“I’ll look over the plan when I get to it, Zachariah,” Kreia snapped.

“You told me to tell you if you hadn’t gotten to the plan by now. The meeting with the SBI higher ups is at 1 pm. That’s in an hour. The meeting is to discuss that plan. Take a chill pill, Revan.” Zachariah said, wondering what in the world had gotten into Revan.

Zachariah stepped into the hall and saw Wolfgang. “Know what’s up Revan?”

“There’s always something up with Revan lately,” Wolfgang said, “What did she do this time?”

“Snapped at me for following orders.”

“That’s one I wouldn’t have expected. I wonder what’s happened at home to cause this.”

As the days wore on, Brett eventually forced Kreia into compromising on when to start trying for another child. If Darius wasn’t dealt with in a year, then they would try anyway. It had solved a major source of stress for Kreia and Revan stopped snapping at people.

It was one day at work when her personal phone went off. Kreia frowned. Brett knew she was working and to not interrupt unless it was an emergency. She picked up the phone and it said Obi. Why would Obi be calling her? She wasn’t that close to her younger nieces and nephews. She had met them one year when her mother forced her to come to Moonlight Falls for Christmas. Her family had met Brett that year. He had come just as a friend since he did not have any family to go home to, given his parents had both passed away by then. And his siblings were married and spending the season with their spouses’s families.

She also couldn’t just answer the phone out in the open. She grabbed the mic and went to the only place she could safely talk to Obi. She caught the call on the last ring, “Hey, Obi. What’s up?”

“Hi, Aunt Kreia,” Obi said.

Shit he sounds upset. Kreia thought.Β “What’s wrong?”

“Two things. You hear about the reactor explosion in Evansdale County?”

Kreia had heard of it. “I have.”

“Well, a couple days ago, Canderous showed up distraught. Apparently he and Sion had landed there on Sunday.”

“Not that Sunday. Any day but that Sunday,” Kreia interrupted.

“That Sunday. Sion gave up his spot on the evacuation bus for Canderous. We don’t know yet if he survived the explosion or not.”

“Shit, I’m sorry. I know what kind of relationship you have with him. Shit. How’s Dad taking it? Your grandpa.” Kreia sat down with unsteady legs. Her alien half brother Sion had been a rock for the family during unstable times. And her dad didn’t take anything happening to family too well. Though she knew Sion would never have considered not doing what he had done. It just wasn’t Sion.

“He held strong for Canderous when he was around. But it doesn’t take a genius to know it hit him hard. He talked with Nicholai when I called him over to talk with Canderous given their close relationship. I think it did Grandpa some good to talk to someone not related to Sion about it. He was almost through the worst of it when…” Obi paused mid-sentence.

“When what?” Kreia prompted.

“Grandma passed away yesterday. She went peacefully by old age. Kreia, the only other one who hasn’t been called is Wolfgang. He’s in Storybrook County. Can… can you tell him? I’m all called out.”

“I’ll tell Wolfgang. Oh, and when are you holding the service?”

“Holding it this weekend. Thanks.”

Kreia threw her mask across the room and cried for several minutes after getting off the phone with Obi. She then grabbed the headset, too a few deep breaths and said, “Anyone on the other end?”

“Done locking yourself away from the world?” a lackey said.

“Be glad I don’t recognize your voice. Tell Agent Rand to meet me in the sound proof interrogation room. I’ve got something I need to discuss with him.”

Wolfgang entered the room and saw that his aunt’s eyes were red. “What’s wrong, Revan?” Wolfgang asked, having gotten accustomed to calling his aunt by her alias.

“I… I just got a call from Obi,” Kreia started, “He had two pieces of bad news to share. The reactor in Evansdale County blew up the day Canderous and Sion landed there. Sion gave up his seat on the evacuation bus for Canderous. They haven’t heard if Sion made it or not. The other piece of news is that my mom, your grandmother, died yesterday.”

Wolfgang pulled his aunt into a tight hug as the news hit him and he began crying alongside of Kreia. “Officially we got a call saying we need to have a meeting in person with those in Moonlight Falls.”


“Cover story for why both of us disappear. I assume Grandma is going to have a funeral.”

“Oh, right. Yea, that works. Plus, I do need to speak with the Immortal Council.”

“How about you let me talk with the Immortal Council. They’ll recognize you and the fewer who know that alias the better.”

“Works for me, just remember I’m Kreia not Revan when we’re home. I don’t need you blowing the cover I’ve worked so hard to build up.”

Wolfgang had arranged for a meeting with the Immortal Council for the morning after the funeral. They were a powerful group of occults. One of each of the six major types. And to take Darius down was going to require their assistance. The meeting went over well and the Council members helped lay down their roles for the day they take down Darius.

Lucian Dracule is the current leader of the Immortal Council. A vampire with an unknown age. He used to be Darius’s best friend before something happened. Lucian was the stronger vampire and he wanted Darius dead. For everything he has done.

Eleanor Stevens was a former leader of the Council and a ghost. She won’t be useful in a fight, but she can talk with those who are dead and passed on. Useful for gathering information.

Alistair Mathiasen is a werewolf and young compared to Lucian and Eleanor. He also used to be a high ranking criminal in Sim City’s mafia. But after Darius kidnapped and killed every member of his family that he could find, Alistair had changed his ways. Darius had even murdered Wolfgang Adams, a founding member of the Immortal Council and Lucian’s best friend. Wolfgang Rand was named after Wolfgang Adams even. Alistair considered Wolfgang’s father Atton to be a member of his pack. And Alistair was going to be very helpful in taking Darius down.

Matias Wisherton is a genie if his last name didn’t give it away. Matias’s mother was a member of the Council and was killed by Darius when Lucian attempted to exact revenge for Wolfgang Adams’s murder. He’ll be useful for the fight but he won’t be on the inside. He’s too squishy.

Iris Baines. A fairy and twin sister of Darius’s right hand “man” Rosalind Baines. In raw power, Iris is the better fairy, however Iris doesn’t really use her powers offensively and is weaker due to that. She’ll be helping out with keeping the building under control.

Nicholai Tritten. The newest member of the council. He’s a wizard of phenomenal skill. He’ll be helping Matias because he’s also too squishy. He’s also the adopted son of Wolfgang Adams, though Wolfgang didn’t really fill that role and Nicholai doesn’t think of Wolfgang Adams as his father.

Wolfgang Rand sighed. He had asked the Immortal Council to once again try to take revenge on Darius. The first time they tried, they lost a member. The second time they almost lost a member and would have had it not been for Wolfgang Rand’s father Atton. He just hoped that this time the Council didn’t lose anyone.

And that’s the end of the chapter. Will Brett get the second child he wants? Will Wolfgang’s divorce with his wife affect his focus? Will the perfect time even come? Find out in chapters to come!


Author’s Note: For more information on the Immortal Council go here. They are a group of six that I originally only meant to have in Random Branches for a chapter. They went and wrote themselves into my story majorly.

Sion’s story is an apocalypse challenge and can be found here.


8 comments on “Chapter 1.5 – Stress

  1. gemly_teddie says:

    Ooh, weaving all your stories together? I’ll get around to reading them at some point πŸ™‚ I’ll ‘follow’ them so I’ll be prompted whenever you update, that tends to work best :p

    Aw, poor Brett! He really wants another kid, and I hope Kreia follows through with her promise!

    • Seera says:

      Yes and no. The plot here started in Random Branches where Kreia was born. Once the Darius plot is finished, the stories will mostly stay separated. Definitely once all of the ones that are close relatives have died or exited the story.

      And you’ll have to wait and see if she keeps her promise or not.

  2. amandralynn says:

    I ADORE how you weave your stories together I definitely agree with Gemly on that. So my heart got to break twice. I liked how you portrayed Kreia taking the news. She is one tough cookie, but its good to see that she has a soft side. It seems like her relationship is in trouble. I can understand that she doesn’t think its the best time to have another child, she definitely has a lot on her plate!

    • Seera says:

      She probably wouldn’t have had the meltdown she had if she didn’t have her plate full of things to deal with. And definitely wouldn’t have had it at work. She probably was lucky it WAS Obi who called. She might not have retreated to the sound proof room if it had been her father who called. Wolfgang would have had a meltdown as well, but he’s holding it in for Kreia.

  3. The Immortal Council every chapter their in, I get really excited about it. I know I’ve said it before but they’re just so awesome. Plus I love the picture of all of them πŸ™‚

  4. Aww poor Wolfgang, getting divorced, and then the news of Sion and Mira. Poor Kreia too, obviously, LOL. Hmm… I think I agree with Kreia on the kid thing, since she doesn’t really know when all that stuff with her job is happening. I’m glad at least Brett managed to come to a compromise with her. Not that I’ve had the experience myself, but I have seen how pregnancy takes a toll on a woman’s body, and Kreia being in the line of work she is, needs to be in tip top physical shape. πŸ™‚

    • Seera says:

      She’s more worried about the time to strike coming during her pregnancy when she can’t exactly take Darius out. She doesn’t let her pregnancy stop her from working out. She calls it extra strength training as she’s gained more weight to lift up on her chin up bar.

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