Chapter 1.3 – Family

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter, the romance between Kreia and Brett evolved and at the end of the chapter they were married and celebrating the way new couples celebrate. And now on with the story!

A month or so had passed since Kreia Rand had become Kreia Wallis. She had been feeling nauseous and had just chalked it up to some bad food. She was about to go to the doctor to see if she had a nasty bug when she realized she was late. She smiled. She was pregnant.

While being pregnant did worry her, she would have to be super careful at work for a day or two while she got things set up for her underling from Moonlight Falls to watch over things. And for the fairy from Moonlight Falls to head undercover.

Who would have thought, a daughter of her brother’s best friend, would end up being such a wonderful asset. Kreia planned for Kerry Goodfellow to go deep undercover with Darius. If Kerry agreed. She didn’t want to just send her without her permission. She didn’t want that hanging over her head should Kerry get caught.

Brett soon came in from working in the fields. He had taken to getting up in the wee hours of the morning to tend to the crops before the sun came up. He started it in the summer when the heat would be unbearable as the morning progressed. He continued to do it so that he could make sure the cold temperatures weren’t killing off the trees.

Brett saw that Kreia was wearing a new shirt. “What’s the occasion for the new suit? You usually just wear your tank around the house.”

“I’m pregnant.”

“You…. you’re pregnant?”


“That’s great! We’re going to be parents!” Brett was ecstatic about Kreia being pregnant. He wanted a huge family. But something told him that Kreia did not want a huge family. And he didn’t really blame her due to both her career choice and the threat from Darius. Of course her career choice was leading towards a higher risk of Darius targeting them.

No matter what Brett told Kreia, she would not be persuaded to quit her job. She was adamant that she was going to stay working in this field until such time as Darius is in jail or dead.

She was constantly on the phone throughout her pregnancy arranging meetings between her cronies and allies’ cronies. She also had the occasional call from Kerry giving feedback.

She did get one call from a lackey saying that there was an Agent Rand poking his nose into her business and inquiring about her and her whereabouts. Curse Wolfgang’s timing, Kreia thought. Her nephew, according to her brother Atton, was a hot shot in the Sim Bureau of Investigation and due to one too many boasts about his abilities got saddled with her case.

Kreia was glad at that point that she was here in Storybrook and not in Moonlight Falls. Atton was not taking Wolfgang getting Revan’s case very well. He was afraid that Revan would go after Wolfgang’s family. She wished she could tell Atton that Wolfgang was fine and that she was Revan. But she didn’t want anyone to know. She only told Brett because he deserved to know. He had been furious at the time, but once he calmed down enough to let her explain that it was only so she could lead the criminals to defeating Darius did he truly calm down. Or as calm downed as Brett could get about the situation.

As to her instructions concerning her nephew, she told her lackeys to just keep an eye on him. Wolfgang just needed to not get too close until she gave birth and returned to a normal weight. Or at least one she could easily hide.

Several months later, during an early snow fall, Brett and Kreia decided to go to the festival. However, the baby had other plans and decided today was a great day to be born.

“Brett, you’re the one who wants a large family. It’s not going to happen if you freak out every time I give birth. Now call a cab so we can get to the hospital. Neither of us are in any condition to drive.”

Several hours later and Kreia and Brett were leaving the hospital with a lovely baby girl they decided to name Miranda. From what Kreia could gather, Miranda had black hair and olive green eyes.

“So, you’re going to be heading back to work soon, then,” Brett said sadly.

“I’ll stay home for a couple of days. Let my body recover. But I can’t be gone that much longer without risking my position. I was lucky I was so high when I got pregnant with Miranda. And the cab isn’t the place to discuss this,” Kreia answered.

They road the rest of the way home in silence.

Brett set up the crib they had bought while Kreia gave Miranda her first feeding.

Once Miranda was settled in for a rest, the pair went back at it.

“What if you get arrested, Kreia? What am I supposed to tell Miranda? What if your job lands you under the radar of Darius and he figures out that you are Revan?”

“So, I’m supposed to give up my dream of taking Darius down because it’s hard? Someone has to stop him, Brett. And who better than someone who understands just what he is capable of. You knew marrying me that I was determined to take Darius down. I promise I will be careful to not get arrested and to not let a connection be made between me and my alter ego.”

Brett realized that she was right and was about to say that when crying sounds could be heard. “I’ll get it, dear. You rest so that you can take Darius down sooner rather than later,” Brett said and went into the bedroom and comforted Miranda. He couldn’t help the tears that fell as the worry inside of him grew that Darius would snuff out his chances of having a large family.

Kreia was in her office a week later sorting through all of the items that could only be addressed by her. A knocking sound interrupted her thought process. “You better have a damn good reason for knocking.”

“Sorry, Revan. We caught Agent Rand snooping on the property and have brought him in for you to deal with him. Which interrogation room do you want him in?”

Shit. Wolfgang, you should know better than to snoop during the daytime. At least you lucked into a day I was here, Kreia thought, “The sound proof room with no recording devices in it at all.”

“You sure you want that room? What if he says something that you want to refer back to later?”

“And what if I want to kill him? I don’t need video evidence of that and I don’t want any evidence he’s been here at all if I do. Now, are you going to continue to question my orders or do I need to give a call to the man in charge?”

“Yes, Revan. As you wish.”

“Out. All of you. I want to talk to Agent Rand alone. I’ll be fine. I’m sure you guys searched him and removed any weapons you could find,” Kreia said, smirking.

The goons left and Kreia just stared at her nephew. She didn’t want to tell Wolfgang that Revan was his Aunt Kreia. At least not if she could help it.

Wolfgang opened and closed his mouth several times before saying, “Grandpa is going to kill you, you know.”

Kreia laughed and said, “He should have expected me to follow in his footsteps whether he liked it or not.”

“Well now that I definitely know who you are and where you live, what are you going to do with me, Aunt Kreia?” Kreia couldn’t help but hear the worry in her nephew’s voice.

“You’ve put me in a damn tough situation is what you’ve done. I can’t let you get off too easily without good reason. Family is a good reason, but I go under a pseudonym to protect myself and my family from Darius.” Kreia stepped towards Wolfgang and cut him loose.

“What do you have on Darius? That could be used in court.” Wolfgang said while standing up. Kreia could see him relax as he realized she wasn’t going to kill or seriously injure him.

“A lot. I’ve got a spy high in the ranks of Darius’s crew. She’s one of his most trusted advisers.”

“You’ve sent a spy into Darius’s group? Are you trying to get your people killed?”

“She’s a fairy. She can handle herself. I gave her a choice after explaining the risks. She agreed to do it.”

“One minute. A fairy criminal. Female fairy criminal. Shit, Kreia, you roped Dad’s best friend’s kid into this? Kerry Goodfellow? Please tell me it’s not Kerry.”

“Sorry, Wolfgang, it’s Kerry. She understands the risks. But she heard from Pip just how bad of a guy Darius is. And we both agreed she was the best person for the job.”

Wolfgang sighed, “Better a criminal I know than one I don’t. I’ll quietly make inquiries at home as to her credibility. Just in case she has to take the stand.”

“Take the stand?”

“I can’t plan to murder Darius, Kreia. I have to plan to take him in. Do remember which side of the law I’m on. As much as I’d like him dead, I have to follow the law.”

“And we both know he won’t go in alive.”

“I have to plan for the case that we manage to take him alive. If he goes to trial, the case is going to need to be air tight. And all witnesses temporarily moved to Moonlight Falls.”

“Good luck finding Alexandra. Darius did try to kill her and Canderous while Lucian was there trying to get Alexandra to give custody to Atton. And she’d be a credible witness as much as I hate her guts for what she did to your father.”

“Well, from what I’ve heard Canderous has found her by virtue of one of his room mates being her daughter,” Wolfgang said, “Anyway, what kind of things have you been able to get?”

“Well, I’ve got pictures of all kinds of orders straight from Darius’s hands. He doesn’t use computers due to the trail that would leave. He reluctantly uses cell phones but he and the highest members of his clan do not use cell phones for business purposes. Calling one of the higher ups in all cases has led to the death of the underling. And made to look like an accident. It’s all circumstantial  but follows Darius’s MO of if you disobey him you die. What are you getting at with all the trial questions?”

“Well, I know who you are and by you, I mean Revan. And your Christmas card to Grandpa gives an address. I could get in deep trouble with my bosses if they find out that I knew who you were but didn’t do anything. You said it yourself. If you don’t act like Revan and punish me, you risk a connection being made between Revan and Kreia Wallis. And you’ve just had a baby. Congratulations on Miranda, by the way. Grandpa and Grandma want pictures. Yesterday.”

Kreia couldn’t help but laugh at the request for pictures. “I’ll get them the pictures. So we’re both in trouble with our coworkers, I knew that one already.”

“What I’m saying is the SBI wants Darius taken care of. Even moreso than they want you taken care of. The SBI is aware of the alliances forming between the various crime families. Lucky Palms and Moonlight Falls included. Due to my knowledge of which crime families live there, I knew immediately it was probably to take care of Darius. You are the leader they’ll follow. They might trust Grandpa enough to know that the crime families that become allies won’t try to kill each other. But they won’t necessarily follow him into battle against Darius. They’ll follow you. That’s what our intelligence is saying. The SBI is just worried you’re going to become the next Darius and want to take you down pretty much right after you deal with Darius.”

Wolfgang took a deep breath, “I’ve done a fair amount of research on past attempts to take down Darius, both through legal and illegal methods. In all cases they’ve failed. The legal methods fail due to Darius’s power. He has witnesses killed or too intimidated to testify. The illegal methods fail because alliances break apart and the required manpower end up in jail for unrelated charges for too long and the perfect time to strike passes by. If we team up together, maybe we can minimize those risks enough to take him down.”

“An alliance. You’re asking to form an alliance between us criminals and the police?” Kreia asked.

“I’ll need to make a phone call and propose the idea. They’re probably going to ask what are you asking in return for calling the truce.”

“Immunity to my crimes. And when they balk, remind them that I’ll have to keep every crime family in check when it comes to the truce.”

Wolfgang nodded and made the call. He was on the phone for a good hour before he hung up. “They’ll get back to me when they’ve decided, but they said they’d get back to me no later than three hours from now regardless of if they’ve made a decision or not.”

“Good, that gives me time to bring this to my boss’s attention. And to begin spreading the word among the alliance.”

And that’s the end of this chapter! Will Wolfgang’s bosses agree to the truce? Will the alliance between the cops and the criminals be enough to take down Darius? Will Brett be able to keep his worry in check or will it spell disaster for his marriage to Kreia? Find out in chapters to come.


Authors’ Note: And we’ve hit the meat of the plot for this generation.

Agent Wolfgang Rand is indeed Kreia’s nephew despite the lack of any real family resemblance. He just takes after his mother who is not related to Kreia. He’s athletic, genius, and a computer whiz, hence why his boasting got him saddled with the case of a major criminal. He’s also a loner, hence no partner.

And Miranda was born on the day I sent my couple out to fulfill the Social Bunny requirements.

And here’s an outtake:

Wolfgang did this when I took him out of the sitting pose I had him in. He popped up to “floor” height since the sitting pose had the butt at floor height. He then did the cheer idle as soon as he popped out of the pose.


5 comments on “Chapter 1.3 – Family

  1. gemly_teddie says:

    Lol at the Wolfgang outtake.

    Well, this is definately some juicy ‘meat’ 🙂

    I don’t have time to read the next one, I have to rush off to work, but I look forward to reading it!

    I hope Kreia and Wolfgang and defeat Darius and keep Miranda safe! 🙂

  2. Wolfgang! *dies* I love his outtake. He’s so hot. I like Kreia’s work outfit too, and her office is cool. LOL.

    • Seera says:

      It’s the Super Villain career outfit edited some. The head piece is a WA hair. The ear piece came from a clothing set I got when I was fetching CC for Max 😛

  3. I love Wolfgang and so glad he turned up in the story!!!

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