Chapter 1.2 – Blossoming Romance

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter Kreia came clean to Brett about her reasons behind becoming a criminal and Brett mentioned that Alistair Mathiasen, a close friend of Kreia’s brother, is distantly related to him. Brett had also just asked Kreia out to the winter festival that came to town around Snowflake Day and Kreia had accepted. And now, on with the story!

Snowflake Day that year had come during an abnormally warm stretch. It was warm enough that Kreia had decided to go to it in her tank top and Brett could get away with his short sleeve shirt and vest.

They spent the first hour or so having a water balloon fight. Kreia due to her working out for her career, won most of the fights, but Brett didn’t go down easily during any of the fights.

Eventually, the pair found themselves on the skating rink. Brett was a natural at skating, but Kreia couldn’t seem to get her feet. It unnerved Kreia a bit that she was unsteady on her feet.

Brett must have sensed her unease as he had skated up to her and grabbed her hands. “I’ve got you, Kreia. I’ll help you get your feet. And you look gorgeous under this light, by the way.”

Kreia couldn’t help but blush at the compliment. She then realized some of the unease wasn’t due to her unsteadiness. That she was falling for Brett. Part of her wanted to push him away. It was too dangerous for her to enter a relationship. Darius had attacked her father’s family. She didn’t want anything bad to happen to Brett. But part of her wanted to just let herself fall for Brett. He obviously had feelings for her.

Soon their day at the festival was over. The next few weeks went by and the two couldn’t seem to communicate what either wanted out of their relationship. Did they just want to be friends or did they want to become more than friends? And when one did try to make that known, something came up.

Eventually, Brett decided to just go for it. To just kiss Kreia. He was tired of not knowing if they could be more than friends. He hated that she was a criminal, but understood why. And knew she wouldn’t do what Darius did. He just had to hope that Kreia was really good at keeping evidence that leads to her from causing problems.

The sudden kiss took Kreia by surprise. But it wasn’t an unwelcome surprise. She pulled him back when once he finished to give him a better kiss in return.

The two then finally admitted to each other and to themselves that they were already more than friends. And soon, Kreia had a very reachable weakness. She only hoped that she could keep that part of her separate from her alter ego Revan.

The months rolled by and the pair dated like crazy. And soon the months turned into years. Brett’s garden had turned into a small farm that supplemented the funds that Kreia’s illegal activities brought in.

Kreia eventually told her family about her relationship with Brett. She wanted to be sure it would be serious before telling her family. She knew her parents were getting older and she wanted to be sure they knew how she was doing in her love life before they died. That she, like her father, had finally found the one person who wasn’t related by blood that she could honestly care about.

It was one evening after one of their various dates when Brett got down on one knee.

“Kreia Rand, I know you were reluctant to form a relationship with me because of Darius. Because of what he could do to those you care about should he discover them. But I understand that risk. And I want to grow old with you. Will you marry me?”

Kreia had frozen when Brett got down on one knee. She knew what he was going to ask and she listened to him ask. “I will marry you, Brett Wallis. Now we both know a wedding party will just attract unwanted attention. So let’s just exchange those rings as well, do the paperwork at the court house and I’ll inform my family that we decided to forgo the ceremonial part of the wedding.”

“I was going to suggest that as well,” Brett said, and the pair exchanged wedding rings and made plans to go to the courthouse the next day.

It was winter time in Storybrook County again and it was a more typical winter. And Kreia had a wonderful idea for a place to woohoo, in an igloo. So she got Brett outside to help her build it and then they woohooed like crazy inside of the igloo.

And this is where the chapter ends. Will Darius remain oblivious to the fact that there is a Rand outside of Storybrook County and that they are making a family. Will Brett’s opinion of her career choice remain accepting now that they are married? Find out in chapters to come!


5 comments on “Chapter 1.2 – Blossoming Romance

  1. gemly_teddie says:

    Aww, glad they got together finally, but I hope that Darius stays away!

  2. I hope Darius doesn’t find out, but there’s always that chance he might. I’m happy for Kreia that she found Brett and I hope he and her continue to stay safe away from crazy Darius.

  3. amandralynn says:

    Whoohoo inn the igloo!! So happy for Kreia and Brett. They are great together!

  4. Yay they’re married and the igloo, I just never know how sims woohoo when its freezing lol

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