Chapter 1.1 – Revelations

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter Kreia Rand and Brett Wallis moved in together in a small house in Storybook County. Money was very tight and it put a strain on the developing friendship of the two room mates. Kreia being a criminal did not help matters between the pair either. And now, on with the story.

The weeks turned into months and soon it was winter time. Brett had taken Kreia’s idea for inside garden plots and run with it and the first batch of crops had come in on the plants growing outside.

Kreia had even managed to catch a huge break at work and was promoted fairly far up in ranks. She had come up with an ingenious plan to gain control over a drug route that used to be under Darius’s control. And it got pinned on another gang by the cops. She had brought home a fairly nice bonus. The only downside to this promotion was that her paychecks came when she pulled off a heist. Lackeys tended to get paid per job in this family. She understood the reasoning. It kept the lowest loyal.

The bonus Kreia got plus the money from the harvest allowed Kreia and Brett to finally get started on building a house. It wasn’t much of a house yet, but it would get there. It also gave the pair a lot more privacy.

As the winter months passed by, the two bonded even more. If Kreia’s brothers had been around, they would have repeated the K I S S I N G chant that Kreia had given her brother Atton several years ago. But Kreia didn’t want that kind of relationship. At least not yet. It was too dangerous. And Brett was too unsure of having a relationship with a criminal. Not after what happened to his family thanks to a criminal.

Brett didn’t comment when her exercising made her stink as he knew it helped her with her career and Kreia didn’t get all antsy about Brett’s plants taking up too much room in the house or of the distraction that him washing dishes while she worked out caused. Because each knew that what the other was doing was important to them and to their livelihood.

But Kreia knew she couldn’t hide behind it’s too dangerous for too much longer with regards to her plans and telling Brett. She was already trying to get pieces into place. Her father, Sinbad Rand, had approached her boss and had asked him to ally with Moonlight Falls in order to take down Darius Myst. Kreia had been the one to convince her boss that it was the best course of action. They had been in a minor war with Moonlight Falls over some weapons smuggling.

She constantly was getting phone calls from other criminals as she tried to help solidify the relationship with Moonlight Falls. While she was glad that this meant that the boss trusted her, she wasn’t sure she liked what it did to her relationship with those who were higher in power than she was. While she did answer directly to the boss man, there were those in the organization that held more power. And they resented Kreia for being being trusted so quickly.

She waited until Brett was done tending the crops that were indoors before approaching him and telling him that she had something she needed to tell him.

When they were situated in the family room area of the house, Kreia started, “Remember months ago when you got on me for being a crook and I told you I had my reasons but wasn’t ready to tell them to you?”


“I’m ready to tell you.”


“I was born in Twinbrook. My father was a criminal and ironically my mother was a bit of a farmer though she primarily focused on her writing career. Anyways, my father had a boss, not the boss boss, but a boss nonetheless who threatened his family. My father orchestrated a very well thought out plan to get him arrested that would not make it look like my father was out to get him arrested,” Kreia explained, “A few years later Darius Myst took over the Twinbrook mafia. He researched the members of the mafia and realized that my father was a force to be reckoned with. And more importantly, a threat. So he indirectly told my father to kill me or one of my siblings in order to force my mom to have to leave my father and take his kids far away from him.”

“Oh my,” Brett said during a pause Kreia took to collect her thoughts.

“My father might be a criminal, but he drew the line at murder. And so we ran. To Moonlight Falls. Due to Darius trying to stop us from getting there, it took us five years to do it. Somehow my father convinced the Immortal Council of Moonlight Falls to allow us to live in Moonlight Falls. When my brother Atton turned eighteen, which wasn’t too long after we arrived in Moonlight Falls, the Immortal Council put into place a plan to attempt to take down Darius Myst. We stayed hidden at Alistair Mathiasen’s house with him and hoped that Darius would end up going to our actual residency and get ambushed by the remaining members of the Immortal Council. Unfortunately, he did not. One of his lackeys is a fairy named Rosalind. She tried to kill Alistair, but Atton took the spell for him. The spell almost killed my brother. Ever since I was old enough to really get what Darius did to my family, I’ve wanted to be an integral part in taking him down. The police get nowhere due to his power. So I’m doing it a different way. Through being a criminal. So I don’t have to worry about things like search warrants.”

“Alistair Mathiasen? As in the werewolf?” Brett asked.

“Of all I said, you’re focusing on that?”

“He’s the reason a good chunk of my extended family was murdered by Darius. The man you want to take down. I bet he’s gloating the fact that he no longer has to worry about having to split time between his career and his family. And I bet he has the other Immortal Council members hoodwinked!”

“Darius missed a branch?” Kreia asked, “And trust me, he’s not gloating about it. He closed himself off. He feels immensely guilty. Every year on the day the murders started he goes out and gets drunk because of his guilt.”

“Apparently several generations ago, one of my ancestors, a werewolf, fell in love with and married a mundane. And her great-grandmother, Wolfgang Adams’s mother, had a cow. Disowned her and removed all traces of her from the family tree. She obviously did a good job and Wolfgang kept his mouth shut as I’m here.”

“I’ve got Alistair’s contact information. I could call him and let him know. I’m sure he’d love to find out a branch got missed.”

“Not until Darius is dead. Too risky.”

The realization that they had a common enemy was a shock to Brett. He now understood Kreia’s reason behind being a criminal. The cops couldn’t seem to do anything to stop Darius. It seemed the only way Darius was going down short of old age was him getting to cocky and another criminal taking him down.

It was nearing Snowflake Day and Brett wanted to go to the festival in town, but he didn’t want to go alone. “Kreia, got a minute?”

“Yea, what’s up?”

“Snowflake Day is approaching. From what I’ve hear, Storybrook County throws a wonderful festival to celebrate. I was wondering if you would like to go with me?”

“As in a date or just as friends?”

“A date,” Brett said instinctively and blinked.

“Sure, a date doesn’t have to turn into anything serious.”

And this is where the chapter will end. Will the date turn into something serious or will it be a one time fling? Will Kreia be able to keep the fact that her room mate is a distant relative of Alistair’s out of Alistair’s ear until Darius is dead? Will Kreia be able to get high enough to orchestrate Darius’s demise or will someone else take the glory? Find out in chapters to come!


8 comments on “Chapter 1.1 – Revelations

  1. amandralynn says:

    I kinda wondered from the first chapter if there was intrest there between them. I wonder if it will turn into something serious!

  2. Ooh awesome story. I like Brett’s hair color, it’s pretty.

  3. nirar says:

    Nothing like a common enemy to tighten the bonds between them, lol What interesting pasts the pair of them have too.
    I think they are cute together, and I hope it turns into the more than friends category! 🙂

  4. Oh hes part of Alaister’s family yay I’m glad they didn’t all die, and I like their going on a date 🙂

    • Seera says:

      Nope. In old times occults didn’t like it when their own tried to marry different occults and especially if they married a mundane. Brett’s side of the family got disowned. Kicked out of the pack.

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