Chapter 1.1 – Revelations

Welcome back to another chapter of Random Paths! In the last chapter Kreia Rand and Brett Wallis moved in together in a small house in Storybook County. Money was very tight and it put a strain on the developing friendship of the two room mates. Kreia being a criminal did not help matters between the pair either. And now, on with the story.

The weeks turned into months and soon it was winter time. Brett had taken Kreia’s idea for inside garden plots and run with it and the first batch of crops had come in on the plants growing outside.

Kreia had even managed to catch a huge break at work and was promoted fairly far up in ranks. She had come up with an ingenious plan to gain control over a drug route that used to be under Darius’s control. And it got pinned on another gang by the cops. She had brought home a fairly nice bonus. The only downside to this promotion was that her paychecks came when she pulled off a heist. Lackeys tended to get paid per job in this family. She understood the reasoning. It kept the lowest loyal.

The bonus Kreia got plus the money from the harvest allowed Kreia and Brett to finally get started on building a house. It wasn’t much of a house yet, but it would get there. It also gave the pair a lot more privacy.

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